I am Dexie Jane Wharton. I'm an editor, writer and problogger for various niches namely fashion & beauty, food & cooking, photoblog, entertainment, parenting, and lifestyle. On my free time. I love to dance and scrapbook. Someday,I would love to own a pair of Christian Loubouitin without feeling guilty. In the meantime, I'll stick to my signature "look for less" stylish ensembles and bargain shopping.

I dream of going to a Culinary school to help me learn more about one of my passions in life which is Cooking.

DexieJaneWharton.com is a repository of all the Editorial and Professional Blogging Jobs I do online. My presence on the intenet started way back in 1998 as a freelance web designer. I've also maintained and designed a personal journal and a website before the word "blog" became a household word. I officially become a problogger in 2006.

FOR INQUIRIES: Contact Me at dexie76@gmail.com // djwharton@gmail.com. More contact infos below.


PRESENT: Aside from being the editor-in-chief and managing the blogs under my independent network(refer to the blogs on the right), I do freelancing blogging jobs for various advertising and promotional websites.

Blogging on various niches(entertainment, fashion, shopping, cooking, scrapbooking, home, product reviews, parenting, motherhood, lifestyle)

I am very familiar with Wordpress, PHP Messageboards, managing, editing, photoshop, and promoting on numerous social networking sites.


Under b5media.com:
SHEKNOWSBEST.COM - Men's Fashion & Lifestyle
STYLEITLESS.COM - Fashion For Less
STYLETOTS.COM - Kids Fashion & Grooming
BEAUTYGIZMO.COM - Beauty Gadgets
POPMUSICSCENE.COM - Popular Music Hits and Artists
BURNINGTHESCALE.COM - Health and Fitness

Under DailyPixel.ca:
FORKS.CA - Food and Cooking
SUPERWOMAN.CA - Women's Lifestyle
HELL.CA - Entertainment and Pop Culture
ENGAGEMENTS.CA - Wedding & Engagements
DAILYSPEARS.COM - Britney Spears
DAILYLOHAN.COM - Lindsay Lohan



Filipinas In Showbiz is an entertainment opinion based blog dedicated to Marian Rivera, Claudine Barretto, KC Concepcion, other Filipina Celebrities in the Philippines and all over the world, and Filipino showbiz in general.

Launch Date : March 2009 | JOB : Founder & Editor -In-Chief


Under 451 Press
BargainStyling.com - Fashion For Less
ABCSoapsWatch.com - ABC Daytime Soaps

Promotional Assistant at REDTAGCRAZY.COM

Worked at Security checkpoint in San Diego California International Airport
Passenger Service Representative under American Airlines



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FeistyCook : My personal foodblog where I share easy but simple dishes I love to cook on a daily bases, food pictures, and product reviews here and there.

Launch Date : June 2008 | JOB : Founder & Editor -In-Chief

Social Networking
Facebook: Dexie Jane Rivera Wharton
SKYPE : dexiejanerw
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Twitter: @FeistyMomma -- @PinaysInShowbiz --
Instagram: @dexiejanerw76
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Style & Flair is an independent fashion network talking about fashion, style, shopping, celebrity looks, beauty, product reviews, Home, Men's fashion, and Kids fashion as well.

Launch Date : November 1st 2008 | JOB: Editor -In-Chief/Owner



FeistyMomma : My personal blog where I talk about life as a whole, motherhood, parenthood, relationships, marriage, Autism journey, scrapbooking, crafts, fitness, product reviews, entertainment, and other miscellaneous stuff that makes life go round and round.



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