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The FeistyMomma — Dexie Jane, 40, married for 20 years to Scott, mother to two kids (Caine, 19 and Emma Lyn, 11). I was born in the Philippines but moved to San Diego California USA. My Mama died of Leukemia when I was only 10 yrs old and my brother was 8.  I met my husband while he was in the Marines deployed in San Diego. I was working at the SD International Airport at the Security checkpoint and as a Passenger Service Representative(PSR) under American Airlines when I met my husband. We got married fairly young. He was 21 and I was 20. We moved to Virginia after that and lived there for a year. We moved to Upstate NY when he left the Marines and signed up with the Army. We lived in Upstate New York for 8 years. We’ve left the military life and are now living the civilian life in North Carolina.


#  Editor-in-Chief of Filipinas In Showbiz, Feistycook, and this personal & lifestyle blog, Feistymomma.

# I was a Problogger under b5media for various Fashion & Beauty blogs, Food & Nutrition, as well as Soaps On ABC. I also blogged for 451 Press, and Daily Pixel. My portfolio is right here

# I love to cook, eat, and oogle at many many Kitchen Gadgets.
# I love to Scrapbook.
# I’m a wannabe “Photographer”.

# I have 1 brother, a retired Army who is also married with 3 children. I also have 1 half-brother and half-sister. They live in San Diego California with my Dad and Stepmother.

# I took Nursing in my 1st semester of college. It wasn’t my thing so I switched to Mass Communication the following semester.
# I love to dance.
# I love shoes.
# I love the fashion, beauty & shopping industry.
# I watch TOO MUCH TV.
# I enjoy watching food and cooking shows.
# I enjoy watching DATELINE, DATELINE SATURDAY MYSTERY, 20/20, 48 HOURS, and other crime & investigation/dramatization shows. Don’t ask me why.
# I love watching Lifetime movies.
# I love classic movies.
# I love all sorts of movies and likes a lot of Celebs. It would take forever for me to list them all down. 🙂
# I listen to all music genres except the honky-tonk country songs.
# I’m a bookworm. I read fiction and non-fiction. I don’t read sci-fi or horror movies though because I prefer watching the movie versions :).

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About the Author

Mother of 2. She drinks a lot of coffee on weekdays and she drinks wine on the weekend. She also eats a lot of chocolate, pork, and sushi.