Heart Evangelista Buys Wall Decor From The Same Weaver Marian Rivera Worked W/ For FLORA Vida’s Vase Accents

When Marian Rivera was getting ready to launch her FLORA VIDA BY Marian collection last June I made a note about how much I love the intricate details of the macrame accent on the vases. They are beautiful. It surely completed the whole look and concept of Flora Vida’s collection which SOLD OUT quickly. Anyone who has ever conceptualized anything for a business would know that concepts and execution of such details happen way ahead of time, right?

The macrame were from Simple Sentiments PH and judging by the Instagram post back in June 10th the artist was as happy as can be to be working with Marian. The latter also expressed her gratitude in return as seen in the comments 4 weeks ago as timestamped by the post itself. I guess Heart Evangelista was just so impressed by Simple Sentiments PH’s work too that she messaged the owner who was “honestly surprised” to get one from Heart and just could not believe it. AWWWWWWWW!!!!

What a freaking coincidence that Heart would just happen to purchase a wall hanging decor from Simple Sentiments PH four weeks into the Instagram post with Marian and Flora Vida from the same company. The odds of that happening(oh let me count the ways 😉😅 ) is just MIND BLOWING, 😱🤯! (We’re being facetiously sarcastic here if you didn’t notice. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️)

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