#Autism: Super Effort Award

It’s not just A for Effort award, it’s Super Effort Award. That’s the 3rd certificate Emma got from her Teacher this past Monday(March 11th). She’s been doing really awesome in school. It’s hard to get her up in the morning even though we go to bed fairly early, and I mean like earlier from my usual midnight or sometimes 1am bedtime. That’s the “sacrifice” I have to make to help and encourage her have a good night sleep so she could have a good day at school.

Here’s what her Teacher wrote in the certificate: “Emma did a super job with her work today. We are so proud of her. She has adjusted very nicely.”

We are just soooo proud of her too. She’s conquering the mainstream class so bravely. To think I was preparing myself to take the homeschool route if this evaluation process doesn’t work out. A lot of ideas went through my mind as I thought about this whole process. Even getting a backyard playground from playsets chesapeake va came to mind just in case we end up homeschooling and giving her an outdoor outlet in between breaks. Everything is just working out fine with her right now in school. She’s writing her own name without having to trace it. Her letters and words too, as well as understanding the concept of measurements, and learning songs without her sensory issues acting up. She’s still a bit sensitive about reading books though but it’s not as bad like before. I’m not saying my daughter is cured or anything. All I’m saying is she’s handling and managing it well.

The video from yesterday’s post echoes rather loudly. You can’t put kids in a bubble. With the help of everyone, plus the tricks that parents and people involved have learned along the way, these kids need to experience and be exposed to daily grinds and life situations so that they know what to do and grasp their routines. I’m not saying everything will be fine and dandy all the time. I am highly aware of that but I also know that we have to celebrate these little milestones just like everyone else.

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