#Autism & Tooth Fairy

Emma lost another tooth this past Saturday and she kinda just pulled it out while we were at the Cashier line of Dollar Tree, hahaha. Fun times! It was the 1st time we did the whole hiding the tooth under the pillow ritual. She’s lost some of her tooth before but we knew she couldn’t care less about tooth fairy the same way she didn’t care about celebrating Christmas or birthdays in the previous years. It wasn’t until 2012 that she really understood the celebrating concept. In all honesty, it was very humbling and it took the pressure out of buying presents and having parties in our house. I mean we celebrated of course and Emma participated but she wasn’t completely aware why. She just had fun and when you think about it, it feels nice to just feel that way.

But she’s now slowly understanding what the fusses are all about during birthdays and holidays so we did the whole Tooth Fairy thing, well, Daddy did. On Sunday morning he asked if she found anything under her pillow. She wasn’t at all interested about it because she was playing a game on the iPad. When she’s doing something her mind is on that one mind set and nothing else. When Daddy and Caine went to get a haircut later that day was when she looked under her pillow and found $1. She showed it to me, a bit confused, saying she found money under her pillow. She gave it to me and that was it. The $1 is all forgotten.

Maybe next year she’ll feel more excited about Tooth Fairies but for now no pressure.

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