#Autism: Winning Over Homework


HOMEWORK, I can say a lot about this but I don’t want to be stressed out. Once I let myself get into that hole it will affect my child’s mood and we don’t want that. No Way No How! So we deal. We do it and get it over with. This first week of back-to-school after the holiday break has been pretty good. Doing homework hasn’t been stressful for Emma at all. I’d hate to jinx it but it’s been really good in that department.

Yesterday was a breeze despite having too much homework. I was quite impressed with how Emma did it without getting anxious or anything. She did 2 math, 1 spelling word, 1 Q & A book report, and her daily reading log. That’s 5 homework. It took us longer than usual that Scott and Caine had to wait for dinner patiently. I helped her work through all of her homework and she finished them all LIKE A BOSS!

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