Ivana Alawi Shares Her Secret To Success In The Vlogging Medium

Ivana Alawi is inescapable. The half-Filipino, half-Moroccan ingenue is currently reigning over the internet after a long struggle to break into local show business. Ivana, she of the large doe eyes, clickbait body and cheeky sense of humor, shot to new heights of fame with a video she uploaded on YouTube—you know, the one where she’s doing her laundry.

“A Day in a Life” videos are a dime a dozen in the vlogosphere. And, honestly, Ivana’s own take on it isn’t that out of the ordinary: from the cooking, to the sexy tank top and even the part where she eschews the washing machine and dryer, opting instead to hand wash her clothes (legitimately too). It’s the in-between scenes. It’s the part where she points to a stain on her duvet, telling the audience that it’s not fecal matter, but makeup. And again when she jokes with her mother, asking her to touch tongues to prove that they are not precious and squeamish. Her mom huffs off and calls her “baboy” as Ivana and her younger sister, 16-year-old Mona, dissolve into laughter.

And before you know it, you’re clicking on the next video.

Getting It Right
“They never expected it. Pag tiningnan kasi ‘ay sosyalera’ but they don’t know that there’s so much more to that,” she says of the viral video, which racked up over 26 million views last year. “Parang, I am still a normal person. I do home chores, I clean, I cook—I’m just like them.” (SOURCE: READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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