DIY Birthday Party Invitations

We hosted a 15th Birthday Party for my daughter this past Saturday for family and close friends. As how party goes, lots of prep happens weeks before the event. One of the main thing is the party invitation. I made them without costing me a dime because I used whatever I’ve already got in hand. You probably already have these too if you have school children, do crafts, and some decorating here and there. Let me show you how I DIYed my daughter’s invitation.

First, I created the text file on a photoshop program. I love PSP7. You can download cute cursive and script fonts for free online. Just do a little search. I’ve had these fonts installed in my Windows for years since I dabble in graphic design, etc.. and they always come in handy when I’m being creative for everything else. If you have no PSP7 your Desktop should already have a built-in Paint program. Download fonts, extract them into Windows:Font folder. You can definitely color the fonts if you want. I’m trying not to use our colored ink because that thing is not cheap, HAHA. I stuck to just plain black.

Then pull the file out on Microsoft Word and create a mirror file of the invitation to print 2 copies on 1 paper. Or not, use 1 large piece of paper per invite.

I printed them off of purple art paper which is my daughter’s favorite color. (Address and Phone number are blocked for obvious reasons) Cut the invites in half using a craft scissor. You’ll also need twine for these. Write the names inside the invitations and on one outer part of the paper that way you know which ones you’re giving them to. Or don’t write the names inside and outside and just leave them uniformed to avoid confusion.

Roll it up, making sure the name side is visible on top. Tie the twine in a bow and VOILA! It’s lovely how the guests would open the invitation like a scroll and see their faces get all excited. If you don’t have the materials you can always go to Dollar stores and find them easily and inexpensive for sure. Create ones for birthdays, dinners, or even a Wedding if you’re so inclined. It’ll definitely save you a lot of money.

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