Maja Salvador & Rambo Nunez For Alike Magazine

Read all about Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez‘s story as they reminisce on past chances, rekindling relationships, and turning passion into business on the new issue of alike magazine.

Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez reminisce on past chances, rekindling relationships, and turning passion into business.

A Love Across the Stars
It’s a story that’s been told many, many times. Beauty meets charming prince. The two spend weeks in pure bliss, having the nation witness a fairy tale story, before trotting off into a fairy tale’s sunset.

Not quite, as the two found themselves going their separate ways after a scant few months in 2010.

“Before, it was always work work work,” muses Maja in another interview. She confesses having chosen her showbiz career, parallel to Rambo being busy with business. “I had to be exposed and experience the family business,” shares the young entrepreneur, “I had to learn first-hand the different roles and responsibilities in the company before I finally took over.”

Flash forward 9 years later and the fates conspire to weave their stories together once more. “It felt like our first time out again,” recalls Maja, who by now has a burgeoning career, “it was new yet felt familiar. It felt like…home.” Rambo shares the same sentiment, recalling that it “felt like another chapter of our story, but with a better setting,” and that they could now “afford to set aside time for one another and enjoy together what we both work hard for.” It was time the two quickly put to use getting to rediscover each other.

Beauty and the Best(ie)

Reunited with Maja having a million YT subscribers, and Rambo helming several businesses, the two quickly grew (re)accustomed to each other’s company. Rambo observes that they wouldn’t have worked out as a young couple. “We had bigger priorities that would set us up to where we both are right now,” he quips, “it was by allowing ourselves to grow as individuals, especially for our career and family (that lets us be together).”

Maja goes more personal, stating that Rambo isn’t just a boyfriend, but is a true partner. “Whenever my anxiety kicks in, he’s always there to calm me down, and remind me of my worth.” The beauty multihyphenate shares that some of the things she loves about her dynamic with the business-minded Rambo is that arguments always end in a win-win, and that debate is a welcome occurrence. “Our only weakness right now is maybe that we both tend to be workaholics,” she shares, relating to their joint ventures in the realm of entrepreneurship.

All Work is Play

Rambo believes that he and Maja complement each other in many ways. “I’m more serious and she’s more lively, I’m on the back and she’s in front, I’m the mind and she’s the heart; lastly, my weakness is her strength and vice versa.” In the business world— this makes for a formidable tandem. (READ FULL FEATURE HERE)


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