Janine Gutierrez For L’OFFICIEL PH This October

Janine Gutierrez is celebrating her birthday with a feature cover on L’Officiel Philippines. Janine talked about taking risks in her career, fashion, beauty, and longevity in the showbiz industry. (Photos from L’Officiel)

Can you say at this point that you’re completely confident in who you are and what you do?
I think it took a long time to get here but these past few years, I’ve become more confident in my choices and saying what I mean. I think it’s also about the experience. I used to need validation to make a decision, so I had to consider so many other people’s opinions that I end up regretting it. I knew what I wanted was correct, but I didn’t fight for it because I wasn’t confident or empowered enough to fight for it. Going through that heartbreak or failure, knowing that I could have fought for it more, really taught me that it’s important to believe in yourself and just trust yourself.

What are your plans for having longevity in the business?
I can’t say that I really have a plan, but longevity was always the goal, and my mom would always say that in this business, or maybe in any business, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. That’s why my goal was never to be the popular one or the fan-favorite. I always just wanted to do good work and have a nice filmography that’s diverse and unique. I think that also led me to where I am now.(READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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