Liza Soberano For NYLON Manila

It’s hard to imagine Liza Soberano as a bad person, not perfect, as we all are, but bad? Highly unlikely. So, with the realization that she will always figure herself in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation, she mustered the courage to just forge ahead with whatever she feels is right by her and for the greater good of the people. “Growing up, I was always the yes girl. I would say yes to everything in fear that if I said no, if I turned down someone, or if I didn’t do what they wanted me to do, that they would no longer like me,” she relates. But as she matured and owned her ability to influence, Liza Soberano understood that there was more to her and the privilege that she has been accorded by her rise in the industry.

“I realized that I have so much privilege as an actress. And in a way, I kind of earned that privilege, but what use is that privilege if I’m the only one benefiting from it, right? If I’m so privileged and I see everyone around me hurting, suffering, and you know, being mistreated, then what use does that privilege have? I might as well use it so that more can benefit from it,” she says with much conviction. Now, this is no mere lip service, because it is no secret that she has long supported and actively worked with women’s rights and mental health groups and organizations such as Save The Children, where together, they have campaigned for many things, the passing of the bill to raise the age of legal consent in the Philippines among them. “It’s just realizing the power that I have and how much change that I can bring upon the country. That’s what excites me because as long as I know that what I’m doing is right and I’m helping more people out then I don’t mind using that power and speaking up.” (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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