Everyone has their own opinions on what makes music good or bad, whether they are just following the popular crowd right now or if their opinion is a purely subjective judgment. It is clear that there are many benefits to having a few music tracks in your library:

Increases Levels of Dopamine 

When you listen to good music, your brain starts releasing dopamine into the body, which creates feelings of pleasure and enjoyment. At the same time, it releases serotonin, which acts as a sedative in the brain. This combination gives you an overall calming sensation while increasing your energy simultaneously.  

Lifts moods and Reduces Depression 

Keeping a few good music tracks on your phone or MP3 player can be extremely beneficial if you are feeling down. Studies show that people who listen to soothing tunes every day through their headphones experience fewer psychological problems such as anxiety, stress, and fatigue than those who do not. This is why doctors often recommend patients who go through difficult times to listen to calmer tunes while lying down and resting. 

Helps Overcome Addiction 

People with addictions such as smoking or alcohol become more physically healthy when they practice controlled exposure by having just a short amount of time each week when they engage in their addiction. Similarly, listening to certain music tracks when you are in a state of weakness can help you overcome your addiction. 

Improves Concentration Levels 

Listening to soothing quality music daily acts as a sedative for the brain and helps people focus on what they are doing for much longer than usual. This is why doctors recommend that students take short breaks during their studies to play some calming tunes through their headphones or speakers. If you are looking for new music tracks to improve your focus, check out this website’s blog page, where we have collected significant lists of good music tracks. 

Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns 

As mentioned above, serotonin is released into the body when you listen to good music, making you feel calm and joyful. People who have difficulty sleeping because of their intense emotional feelings often find that music brings them to a state where they can sleep more soundly than usual. 

Increases Self-Awareness 

Good music tracks can bring individuals closer to themselves since it is something that they experience daily. By spending time getting to know yourself through listening to your favorite songs, you can create a better connection with the person you see in the mirror each morning.  

Relieves Anxiety and Stress 

Soothing tunes give people an overall calming sensation and reduce the tension within the body. This means that people who listen to good quality music tracks before going into meetings or social events tend to experience less psychological problems such as anxiety and stress than people who do not. 

Improves Skills in Communicating with Others

The combination of words and music often gives the listener a deeper connection to the song. By learning about what inspired a musician to create a certain track or album like Ninja sex party by Dan Avidan, you can better understand their perspective on life, which helps them communicate more effectively with others in various social situations. 

Promotes Physical Activity 

Listening to good tunes while running has increased stamina due to increased heart rate. The combination of high beats per minute (BPM) and a moving rhythm increases endurance levels during aerobic activities. In addition, listening to music while working out encourages repetitive motion, which leads to faster results when exercising, since the body does not realize it is working so hard. 

Listening to good quality music has numerous benefits for both the mind and the body. From increasing focus to relieving anxiety, the positive effects of music is vast and varied. Try incorporating a few new tracks into your daily routine today and experience the amazing difference it can make in your life.

Dexie Jane

Mother of 2. She drinks coffee everyday and wine on the weekends. She devours massive amount of chocolate, pork, and sushi. She loves to dance in her living room and binge-watches KDRAMA, historical dramas, and excessive unhealthy dose of Crime/Murder mysteries/dramas/documentaries. She's also a proud Bibliophile and loves being a bargain fashionista & SHOEHOLIC!

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