Why Are Photos Of Piolo Pascual & Shaina Magdayao Considered An “Issue” That Needs To “Die Down?”

When photos of Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao surfaced I thought, oh that’s nice. What a sweet couple they are. So, I’m a bit muddled why anyone considered it an issue that needs to die down. When you use the term “issue” in showbiz it is usually associated with a negative tone, right? It’s not good. Controversial, perhaps. I didn’t see anything wrong with the photos of Piolo and Shaina with another couple, Raymart Santiago and Jodi Sta. Maria. In Piolo’s interview with MJ Felipe for TV Patrol, he said things got out of hand and didn’t seem particularly game to talk about what he has with Shaina and would prefer it to just die down. But why though? If you really think about it, why does it need to die down? Their photos are a positive thing and whatever relationship they have is a beautiful thing.

I’m just a little confused why the lovely photos could cause any issue at all. Piolo and Shaina are both consenting adults. As far as everyone knows, they’re not involved with anyone else and as Piolo said, it’s been many years and they’ll just say the same thing which is, what you see is that you get.

Sa mga kuhang larawan ay makikitang kasama rin nila ang real-life couple na sina Jodi Sta. Maria at Raymart Santiago.
“I think things got a little out of hand because of some photos that went around,” bungad ni Piolo bilang reaksiyon sa mga kumalat na larawan nila ni Shaina.

Ayaw na rin daw niyang pahabain ang tungkol sa tanong kung ano ang real score sa kanila ng aktres.
Wala rin daw bago at gusto na lang niyang hayaang mamatay ang isyu.

Sabi ni Piolo, “It’s just the same. I guess it’s better not to talk about it.
“Let it just die down because it’s been how many years, and we always say the same thing.
“I guess, for now, wala… yun na iyon. What you see is what you get, as simple as that.” (SOURCE)

Piolo Pascual nag-react sa mga kumalat nilang retrato ni Shaina Magdayao | TV Patrol, Pinuri ni Piolo Pascual ang katambal niya sa “Flower of Evil” na si Lovi Poe. Sinagot naman ni Pascual ang issue tungkol sa kumalat nilang retrato ni Shaina Magdayao. Nagpa-Patrol, MJ Felipe. TV Patrol, Huwebes, 6 Enero 2022 (SOURCE)

There shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever therefore it shouldn’t “die down.” Like I keep saying, the photos are nice and they’re two grown people who are free to be with each other. So, what “issue?” 🤷‍♀️ Is it an “issue” because certain people want them to label their relationship and to acknowledge or be specific about it? Ah posh. Who cares at this point. If Piolo feels their privacy were violated somehow which then makes the photos an issue then I guess I could understand that scenario. I still don’t get that context though. This must be a case of lost in translation because I thought they looked cute 😍🥰 and shouldn’t be an issue at all nor is it an intriga where Piolo or Shaina needs to defend themselves let alone clarify anything.

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  • January 11, 2022 at 8:45 pm

    Ang tanda na ni Piolo pero pabebe pa rin sa relasyon. Need pa ba magdeny? Deretsahan na lang kasi.


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