Marian Rivera’s Rule About Gadgets And Watching TV While Eating

In Marian Rivera‘s recent interview for an endorsement where she was asked about parenting tips, one topic in particular that was brought up was the usage of gadgets and/or watching TV while eating. Marian shared her rule which is NO to gadgets and watching TV while eating. I couldn’t agree more.


I’m so glad that Marian’s household has this rule. I think in this generation of smart phones, iPads, and too many streaming services some of us have forgotten to slow down and appreciate the little moments without these gadgets. The Dantes couple is definitely doing a good job with their children. KUDOS, Dong and Yan. 👏👏

On a personal note, I used to have a DIY sign in my dining room that says “No Wi-Fi in Mom’s Dining Room” which my children haven grown to know that phones are off while we eat. We don’t have TV in our dining room either. I’m a foodblogger and I take photos and videos of what I cook and serve and what we eat. I do all of that before eating but once everyone has sat down in their chairs, we say our Blessing, then eat and talk to each other. My children are older now. My son now lives in his own place but same rule applies every time we all gather in the dining room. Refer to the old photos of my dining room sign below.

There are a few times though when certain exceptions are made. When we have chicken wings we like to eat in the living room and watch a movie. Sometimes on weekends when I’m the last person to eat lunch I use my tablet to read an ebook because I need to catch up with my Reading Challenge, HAH!

In any event, let’s normalize or at least go back to the days when eating dinner is a family time and there are no gadgets and TV distractions. We need more quality time and having conversations with each other. It’s nice to retain semblance, traditions, and rules to focus on family togetherness and the dining room is always a good spot for it.

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