Lolit Solis Is Having An Online Tantrum Against Bea Alonzo

Remember March 2022 because it is the month and year that Lolit Solis totally had an online tantrum against Bea Alonzo. The gist of it all is that Bea’s manager Shirley Kuan asked the Beautederm Corporation not to invite Lolit Solis for the press conference of Bea’s endorsement launch. Of course, this did not just happen without provocation from Lolit. The latter has been writing condescending and mocking posts towards Bea ever since she became a Kapuso. She’s even tried to create unnecessary drama and animosity between Bea and Marian Rivera. Meanwhile, Bea and Marian are unaffected and are very much OK with each other.

Now, it seems like it is Lolit’s mission to insult Bea even more on a daily basis. I wouldn’t put it past her to be doing it in purpose to provoke Bea’s management and most probably GMA Network executives that they wouldn’t have a choice but to kowtow to her just to shut her up and so she’d stop posting negative things about Bea. Let’s see who’s got the biggest balls in this drama. Can Bea and her management withstand Lolit’s constant bullying? Will they keep uninviting her to all of Bea’s events? She’s got an upcoming movie and teleserye with Alden Richards so how is that press conference going to look like? Will GMA Network appease Lolit just in time for those 2 projects? ABANGAN…

Dexie Jane

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