Lolit Solis’ Recent Attack On Bea Alonzo Is Quite DISGUSTING!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes while reading the recent post Lolit Solis had posted to mock, attack, and insult Bea Alonzo. And she had posted plenty but her recent is just plain disgusting. If people in the industry continues to support this woman and her style of writing and complete lack of decency and integrity in the name of “journalism” then they are all complicit to her disgusting ways. How in the living hell can this woman go on and on and on like this without any consequences?

That Lolit brought up the situation between Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson. That she’s making light of Kit Thompson’s physical assault on Ana by saying “dahil ayaw pawalan ni Kit Thompson. Mukhang baliw sa pag ibig si Kit kay Ana eh si Bea na ghosting.” FYI, there are 2 counts of cases filed against Kit by Ana: Two counts of violation of Republic Act No. 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004. For Lolit to somehow come up with an attack to mock Bea while making light of what Ana has experienced and what she’s going through right now is just effin’ UNBELIEVABLE!! Seriously, HOW IN THE WORLD???


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