KC Concepcion Replaces Toni Gonzaga In Jhett Tolentino’s Film “Asian Persuasion”

KC Concepcion replaced Toni Gonzaga in the Jhett Tolentino‘s film “Asian Persuasion” which is set to premiere and release in early 2023. Variety reported that Gonzaga begged off due to schedule conflict. Other cast members include Dante Basco, Kevin Kreider, Paolo Montalban, Scarlett Sher, Celia Au, Geneva Carr, and Jax Bacani. Production has started in New York and KC was happy to share their 3rd day of shooting yesterday as well as the news from Variety.

Set in New York, romantic comedy “Asian Persuasion” features a diverse, primarily Asian cast and seeks to elevate, inform and inspire the Asian narrative.

The story follows a down-on-his-luck chef who cooks up a crazy scheme to marry off his ex-wife in an attempt to avoid his substantial alimony obligations. With the help of his trusted wingman, the chef gets off to a hot start, but belatedly realizes he wants a second chance with his ex.

Asian Persuasion is produced under the Jhett Tolentino Productions banner with Tolentino and screenwriter Mike Ang serving as producers. Cinematography is by Andrea Walter (“The Fabulous Filipino Brothers,” “Empty By Design”) with production and costume design by Dedalus Moving Pictures’ Sheena Alexis (“Caretakers”). The music score is by Eunike Tanzil (“Be Somebody”) with casting by Bess Fifer. (source)

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