Alden Richards Is Esquire PH’s 2022 Entertainer Of The Year

Alden Richards is among the recipients of Esquire PH’s 2022 Man at His Best (MAHB)’s award with the Entertainer of the Year accolade. MAHB “honors extraordinary Filipinos who are reshaping society. These are the men and women who are raising the bar for Filipino creatives, athletes, public servants, and professionals.” Alden shared with the magazine how he considered joining the showbiz industry a paying job it grew into something deeper as a passion and something that feeds his soul.

When I was starting, I really took this job as a paying job. I [was] just doing it for the money. Two years into it, after certain projects, parang nai-iba na yung perception ko sa kanya. It’s not really a mere rent-paying job or bill-paying job, it fills up my passion and feeds my soul. Ganun na siya. And, up to today, as we speak, I don’t really look at it as a paying job anymore.

For the 11 years I’ve been in the industry, lagi lang ako nandito sa harap so what really (piques) my curiosity is what’s really happening behind. How to be a producer. How to be a director. How to be someone to mount a show.

Ang laking bagay din talaga ng foundation ko as an actor before venturing into business and the corporation that I have now. For me, really, what’s thinkable is possible. If you feel like it’s gonna happen, it will happen but you have to start with step one. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Never be afraid to fail. I really don’t believe in the word failure. It’s either you be successful in the venture that you ventured in or you just learn from it. You don’t fail. (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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