Marian Rivera Headlines PREVIEW PH’s 2022 Best Dressed List

The reason I LOVE Marian Rivera‘s style and have long considered her one of my fashion icons is not because of the designer brands that she can obviously afford but because she knows her style identity. She knows who she is which always translates to everything she does in life and have accomplished throughout the years. Knowing who she is has always been the driving force into every move and decision Marian makes and that includes her style. Some people may not like it and would prefer that she wears a piece of clothing or certain brands in some ways but then, that wouldn’t be Marian Rivera, no? I’m glad PREVIEW PH is acknowledging this by making her the headliner for their 2022 Best Dressed List.

Marian Rivera for Preview December 2022
Marian has long been a staple on our TV screens, and even in the digital spaces of social media, it’s difficult to not catch a whiff of whatever she’s up to. It appears that in 2022, the actress and celebrity mom has achieved her fullest, most authentic form as a style maven, making her a befitting headliner for Preview’s annual Best Dressed list.

To the Nines
“Classic” is the first adjective that comes to mind when you ask Marian about her fashion sense. “My style has always been classic and feminine,” she tells Preview, “Through the years, I’ve played around with prints and different silhouettes until [I found] the perfect balance that works for me.”

From floral mini dresses and traditional local weaves to tattered punk rock denim and funky colorful motifs, she’s pretty much dipped her toes in every fashion aesthetic there is. This current era she’s in finally has her settling with a style DNA that resonates with everything she aims to uphold and showcase, not just to the public, but even to herself. In her own words, “There’s a certain look that’s very ‘Marian.’”

“Sometimes, I try something new and go out of my comfort zone,” she explains. “Being part of this year’s Best Dressed, for me, means I’ve established a look that I’m comfortable in. It’s always classic and timeless. Aside from the outfit, I think being stylish also comes from within, [in terms of] how you carry and present yourself to others.”

“I really enjoy investing [in] and collecting fashion pieces, and I have fun creating looks with them. Fashion is supposed to be fun, and I see it as an outlet to express myself,” says the stylista. Her faithful styling team, composed primarily of Melville Sy and Maita Bello of Studio 24c, attests to the constant experimentation Marian willingly dives into whenever she dresses up. On one occasion, she’s a vision of regality in a Joe San Antonio ball gown, and on the next, she’s swiveling around in a hot pink fringe dress from Cult Gaia. What always remains constant is a certain aura that just naturally radiates from her. Marian is always the one that’s wearing the clothes, and never vice versa. (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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