#DIY: How-To Fix Iron Marks On A Sweater Dress

I was sooo excited to wear the Celmia Sweater Dress but stupid me thought I’d iron it first. BIG MISTAKE. My iron was too hot and as soon as it touched the fabric the iron left a mark. D’OH. Per googling I found that you can remove iron marks by washing it right away with a particular detergent. I didn’t have that but still I put it in the washer hoping it would work. It didn’t, HAH. As I contemplated on what to do with the dress, one of them is to just wear it at home, I thought I could sew in a floral pattern fabric around the dress like a trim around the spot. I attempted to do that but the sweater’s fabric is too thick and I had a hard time maneuvering my sewing machine to sew around it.

Then I had a 💡 light bulb moment. Sewn in embroidered patches. I searched Amazon and found these Mililanyo Flower Applique Patches. As soon as they came in the mail I fixed my dress. Problem solved. Frankly, I like the added dainty details onto the dress. Now it looks more feminine and girly. I like girly girly things, so there!

And finally last Sunday, I had my OOTD moment with the Sweater dress(Thalia Sodi knee-high boots) that I almost ruined. So in conclusion, if you have certain spots in your dress or tops that can be patched with cute things, DO IT! By the way, if you buy this dress(from Amazon), size up. Depending on the fabric I usually wear Medium or Large but after reading reviews I decided to get XL and I’m glad I did. It runs tight so again, size up. (NOT A SPONSORED POST)

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