Cooking with Kids: 4 Foods To Get Them Started In The Kitchen

When it comes to teaching your kids who cook, it can take time and patience to find the right recipes to teach them. Of course, what you teach them depends on their skill level, age, and what you, as their parents think they can handle.

This post looks at some of the recipes you can teach your child to help build confidence and skills and allow them to be more independent as they age.

Pancakes are a popular breakfast food for a reason. Delusions and fluffy, when done correctly, pancakes can be a great way to start the day.

Set your child up with the ingredients they need to make pancakes, and then dig out an easy recipe such as this pancake recipe from Preppy Kitchen. Walk them through it step by step and let them take the lead when it comes to making the pancakes and supervise when it comes to the cooking parts. Let them experiment with flavors and additions to the pancreas, such as adding choc chips or fruit.

Homemade pizza can be a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen from any age. You can start slowly with pre-made pizza bases or make the bases and let them add toppings before letting them make the base themselves as they build up their skills.

In fact, why not move from traditional pizza bases and use foods such as pitta bread, flatbreads, or even baguettes as the base of a fun twist on a popular food?

All kids love cookies, and if this sounds familiar for your kids, then teaching them how to make their own can be a great way to learn new kitchen skills and make healthier varieties of their favorite foods.

Start simple with a classic cookie recipe. Then as they get more comfortable, you can mix it up and give them harder recipes or even let them create their own recipes. Choc chip cookies are a great place to start; then you can move to different cookies such as oat cookies, snickerdoodles, and many more.

Chicken Nuggets
A staple in many kids’ diets, there are chicken nuggets and homemade chicken nuggets! If your kids are partial to a chicken nugget or two, then get them in the kitchen and show them how to make their own chicken nuggets. Parents can cut the chicken to size and then show the kids how to turn the chicken into a delicious food they will want to eat again and again. You can change up the coating, from crispy nuggets to breadcrumbs and oat-covered nuggets, or even use crushed Doritos for a cheesy twist. Why not try popcorn children, chicken tenders, or chicken kievs as they get older and more proficient in the kitchen?

Teaching our kids how to cook is an invaluable life skill they will need as they age. Work with your kid’s abilities to find appropriate foods you can make with them to help them learn how to cook and even foster a love for cooking and creating meals and recipes!

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