Jasmine Curtis-Smith For PREVIEW In Focus March 2023

Over the past decade or so, Jasmine Curtis-Smith has taken on a slew of characters that each take up space in any movie goer’s memory. She can be the gutsy Alex in Baka Bukas, the unsinkable Cara in Cara x Jagger, or the walking stereotype Pathy in I’m Drunk, I Love You.

And those are just the popular titles she’s starred in. Jas—as she’s affectionately referred to—takes pride in being an indie darling. “I think my heart is more on making films. My first film made it all so magical and made an impact on me. After that, I kind of made an intentional decision to keep making movies like that talaga,” she tells me, hunched over in a makeup chair as she prepared for her Preview photoshoot.

Her debut on the big screen was for Transit, a 2013 family drama that competed at the Busan International Film Festival. Almost a decade later, the actress finds herself in a similar spot: She’s fresh from her stint at the Sundance Film Festival, where the transnational horror flick In My Mother’s Skin just premiered. Don’t count on any instant frights or scream queens with this one though, because, according to Jasmine, “the fear will jump at you when you least expect it.”

The girl sees her filmography more as a collection of memories rather than just a resume that’ll bag her the next gig. While there are several actors that are legions her senior, her older sister Anne Curtis included, Jasmine not only chooses her own battles but sets up her own playing field. She’s aware that she may not be her generation’s optimum silver screen star yet, but that doesn’t stop her from telling the stories she knows are worth telling.

Every move she’s made so far has been 100% intentional, you see. You may know her as one thing or another, or you may not know her at all, but keep this in mind: Jasmine has always been in control.


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