“The Bagman” Story Continues | Starring Arjo Atayde

Variety reports that Bagman series which starred Arjo Atayde, that ran two seasons on Netflix PH, is continuing on and will debut at Hong Kong’s FilMart. Arjo won the Best Actor Atayde award in the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020 for the role. He expressed his excitement in getitng to do the role again in a post on his Istagram yesterday.

The new show makes a narrative leap from the end of “Bagman.” When convicted prisoner and former governor Benjo Malaya learns the tragic news about his missing family, he is left with no choice but to return to the vicious underworld that he turned his back on, and take on a new mission, this time as a fixer for the sitting president of the Philippines to stop an impending and civil war.

The group pitches “The Bagman” as its tentpole international co-production for 2023, following previous success with predecessor series “Cattleya Killer,” which launched in 2022 at MIPCOM. It says that the eight-part show will be produced by Philippine-based companies ABS-CBN Intl. Production Division and Dreamscape Entertainment, Rein Entertainment and Nathan Studios. It does not disclose any international partner companies.

“The Bagman” will star Arjo Atayde, reprising his Benjo Malaya character, a role that won for him the Asian Academy Creative Awards best actor prize in 2020.

“Having had the privilege of being the first Filipino company to screen a series at MIPCOM, we are honored to be following up on the success of ‘Cattleya Killer’ with our new premium drama series ‘The Bagman’,” said Ruel S. Bayani, head, of ABS-CBN’s international production division. “We continue to advocate Filipino representation in a manner that is engaging and entertaining in today’s global marketplace. I have no doubt ‘The Bagman,’ packed with action, suspense, and dark humor, will have audiences around the world on the edge of their seats.” (SOURCE)

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