12 PROM Looks Inspo From #JulieVer

There’s supposed to be an upcoming PROM-esque showbiz event happening soon but I do declare that it’s PROM every week with Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz aka JULIEVER with their GLAM looks for The Clash and AOS every Sunday. Aside from their unquestionable talents, their visuals are HOT, elegant, and glamorous as well.

What I love about Rayver and Julie’s weekly looks is that each one shows their personalities which reflects their fierce, fun, and adventurous approach to their respective work. Julie and her stylist Miss Keith are rocking it with different styles but KUDOS as well to Rayver and his stylist Ivor Jullian for bringing specific contrast by experimenting with details, textures, and colors in every suit that Rayver wears. Most of these are actually custom-made by their own stylists too. JulieVer‘s visuals are – sorry for lack of a better word but wellSLAYING

Without further adieu, if you are looking for a couple-glam fashion inspiration here are 12 PROM Looks Inspo from JulieVer.

This look was ON FIRE! Julie Anne worked that over-the-knee boots with a black one-shoulder corset top and cascading silver skirt. Rayver said hold up, behold, my black monochromatic textured suit.

I love blue so this custom Keith Manila halter-corset gown was a sure thang. Rayver matched it perfectly with his muted grey suit, skinny tie, and pocket square.

Julie Anne’s sweet Rosé corset tube-top gown complemented Rayver’s olive green suit with pinstripe details.

This Jorenze Official floral dress is BEAUTIFUL! Rayver wearing a beige suit was just perfect because it did not clash at all with Julie Anne’s bold floral detailed dress. This look is perfect for Homecoming actually.

Sultry in Steph Tan Couture cut-out prism dress. This time Rayver wore a dark grey suit to match Julie Anne. They both looked sleek and ready to bust out their disco dancing moves.

Rayver is back with contrasting colored suit in this orange double-breasted suit with black shirt and tie. A bold contrast to Julie Anne’s Gelo Pineda gunmetal grey sequined dress.

Mustard yellow 2-piece dress for Julie and seafoam green suit for Rayver with darker green pocket square. It’s like stepping into Spring season.

If Rhettt Butler and Scarlett O’Hara were reincarneted in 2023, in my mind this is how they would look like. I particularly love the white opera gloves on Julie because Princess Catherine did it during the BAFTAs a few days before this. Rayver’s velvet suit, I mean C’mon! By the way, velvet jackets happen to be Prince William’s signature suit as well. This has classic and modern glam vibes all in one.

Julie Anne can rock red ANY DAY! And a Mark Bumgarner one at that. Rayver matched it with a custom red and black double-breasted suit from Ryan Chris.

When you finally find someone and Valentine’s Day is around the corner, Go RED, Sparkly, and Glam or Go Home. JulieVer went for it and NAILED IT.

I love this SO.MUCH. It invokes young romance. Another idea for Homecoming. I LOVE Julie Anne’s pink babydoll dress matching Rayver’s blue suit. To quote Taylor Swift, 🎶Rayver (Romeo), take me somewhere we can be alone, I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run. You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess, It’s a love story, baby, just say, “Yes” 🎶 😍💘

Last but not the least, this couple swept me off my feet with their old Hollywood GLAM look. Julie Anne in a Julie Galerie creation with the perfect hairstyle. Rayver in a grey suit from his stylist Ivor. Remember Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in “La La Land” movie? Come to think of it, JulieVer can be absoclutely casted for a smiliar movie genre.

Which look is your favorite. Good luck picking only just one because I couldn’t. I love all of them and looking forward to seeing more from Julie Anne and Rayver. Keep serving, JulieVer!

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