How to Make the Most Authentic Style Choices

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Styles change all the time, but you don’t always want to change with them. It’s important to make style choices that align with your true self and that work no matter what age you are or what style trends are current. Getting in touch with your true self is the best way to find style. 

Find the True Self 

The best way to make authentic style choices overall is to understand your true self. It might sound obvious since you have known yourself your entire life, but ask yourself how much of your style and life has been influenced by the world. There is more to you than you realize. 

If you want to get in touch with yourself and make better style choices, as well as improve your overall life quality, make some time for meditation. Whether you sit on a cushion or practice mindfulness at the kitchen sink, you integrate all the parts of you and make useful insights.  

Consider Feedback 

When you change your style, people tend to notice, even when it’s a small change, like a new piercing or a piece of jewelry. Other times, no one notices, and it can feel disappointing; it all depends on the crowd. Whether they notice or not, you need to treat any feedback carefully.   

Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it’s important to maintain a healthy distance from any comments. Again, stay in touch with your true self and make style choices that align with who you are and how you feel in the world. Eventually, your style will be accepted by others.  

Creative Explorations 

Style choices can become conventions; how often have you gone through the motions of putting makeup on for a day at the office? Conventional makeup might have its place, but does it really express who you are at a deeper level? Always make time for creative experiments in your life. 

When it comes to makeup, you might want to branch out a little and try some new colors and styles in your everyday life to see how you feel and whether people notice. And if you want a piercing, you might want to keep your options open and learn more about dimple piercings.  

Find Consistency 

As you become more in touch with your true self, you will start to discover new inspiration and change your style choices. But you don’t need to change everything all at once. Chances are you have some consistent styles already, so it’s a simple case of changing small style elements. 

Alternatively, you could look for opportunities in your life to express yourself more dramatically. Maybe you have a night out planned with your friends, or you have a special event or gathering to attend; this could be the perfect occasion to switch up your style wholesale and make waves.  

Trend Carefully 

Trends are cultural patterns that move through the world for a time and then dissipate, but they always leave their mark. Some trends are easy to follow, but they don’t leave a lasting impression. So pick trends that align closely with your true self and ignore all the rest of them.   

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