Shine Bright: 21 Ways to Incorporate Bronze Into Your Life

Bronze is one of the world’s most versatile metals. Not only can it be used to craft stunning works of art, but also incorporate into everyday items for added style. In this blog post, we’ll show you 21 ways that bronze can add beauty and glamor into your life – whether that means dressing up an ordinary outfit or adding some glamor into your home decor! Keep reading for tips on how to bring bronze into your world! 

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Deck Out Your Workspace

Add some elegant flair to your workspace by adding bronze bookends and paperweights. For an even more dramatic effect, hang some artwork featuring bronze accents. Don’t forget to accessorize with a bronze pen holder and stylish desk trays as well.


Add some sparkle to any outfit with some bronze earrings or necklace. Or keep it simple with a bracelet or watch in this stunning metal. Don’t forget to switch up your handbag or wallet too – one made of bronze will look fantastic! 

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Kitchen

Add some flair to your kitchen countertops with copper accents, like canisters and utensil holders. A copper backsplash is another great way to add some visual interest! And instead of traditional dinnerware, why not opt for some bronze plates and bowls?

Opt for the Gold-Bronze Combo Package

Combine gold and bronze for an elegant look in any room. Try a gold coffee table with bronze legs, or a chandelier featuring both metals. Don’t forget to add some glamor with some bronze candle holders and gold votives as well.

Spruce Up Your Garden

Incorporating some bronze into your outdoor area can really bring it to life. Metal sculptures or wind chimes will do the trick, or add a water feature or birdbath for additional interest.

Explore Your Creative Side With DIY Projects

Bronze can be used to craft stunning decorations and accessories. Create a statement wall hanging with hammered bronze pieces or craft some sculptures for your home. And for the more creative types out there, you could even craft jewelry using this beautiful metal.

Light Up Your Home with Bronze

Light fixtures crafted from this beautiful metal should feature intricate designs or unique shapes. Sconces placed correctly will add a touch of class to any room! Don’t be afraid to mix different metals together for an unmistakably unique aesthetic.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Hardware for a Luxurious Feel

Upgrade the hardware in your bathroom for something more modern, such as bronze towel racks and drawer pulls. This simple upgrade will instantly give the space a sleeker aesthetic! And if you have a bathtub, consider investing in some bronze drain covers and spouts to tie everything together.

Make a Statement with Mirrors

A large bronze mirror can be an eye-catching feature in any room. Hang it above the fireplace or in the entryway for a striking piece of decor. Why not add some smaller mirrors for visual interest and contrast?

Keep it Casual with Bronze Sneakers

Bronze is no longer just for formal occasions! Now you can find stylish sneakers made of this metal that are ideal for everyday looks. And if you want to go all out, look for some bronze ankle boots or loafers as well!

Bring on the Metallics

Create a modern metallic aesthetic by mixing and matching other metals like copper and brass with bronze. Incorporate these shades into furniture pieces and accessories throughout your home for an eye-catching contrast. Don’t be afraid to layer different metal finishes together for a truly unique aesthetic.

Create Bold Accents

Bring out the bold side of bronze with bold furniture choices like a bronze coffee table or sideboard. Don’t forget to complete the look by adding some bronze-toned art pieces as well.

Add a Touch of Glamour

Bronze can be used to create stunning looks. Hang some beautiful drapes with metallic sheen, select elegant glassware with bronze undertones, or opt for accent pieces such as picture frames and sculptures that incorporate this metal. Don’t forget to finish off by adding sparkle with bronze-hued sequins and glitter!

Dress Up Your Windows

Add some subtle glamor with curtains or blinds made of bronze fabrics. Not only will it add some shine, but you don’t have to overpower the rest of the decor either! For an extra layer of luxury, consider purchasing some bronze tinted window film for added protection and sparkle. 

Add Bronze Paint for an Elegant Touch

Add some drama to your room by painting one or two walls a metallic bronze hue. You could also use it as an accent color on furniture and accessories for visual interest. For even greater impact, try painting the ceiling with this metallic hue for an entirely new look!

Enhance Your Landscape with Bronze Stonework

Bronze stones like serpentine and turquoise can be used to craft stunning works of art. Add some bronze stone pieces to your decor for an instant splash of glamor, or use it to craft a stunning mosaic for walls or floors.

Make a Statement With Art

Choose artwork with bronze accents or frames to make a striking statement in any room. You can also use it as an accent color on furniture and accessories for added visual interest, and don’t forget to add some bronze-toned sculptures or figurines for an air of grandeur.

Enhance Your Style With Bronze Jewelry

Discover unique jewelry pieces made of bronze for a fashionable look. From necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings, there are plenty of choices! Don’t forget about bronze watches either – perfect to complete any outfit.

Switch Up Your Bedding

Switch out your standard bedding for something with more style – like sheets made of bronze fabrics or blankets featuring metallic bronze designs. This is an effortless way to add some radiance and sparkle to your bedroom! Additionally, add bronze-colored pillows and throws for a coordinated look.

Take Note in Style

Keep all of your notes and documents organized with stylish bronze folders. You can also find paper clips, pens, and other office supplies made of this metal for a chic desk setup. Don’t forget to add some metallic bronze accents to walls or shelves for an eye-catching pop of color. 

Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash

Your Grave

Bronze grave markers by offer a timeless way to memorialize those who have passed away, with customizable designs available. Don’t just leave it at that – add an extra special touch with custom designs made just for you.

These are just a few ways bronze can be incorporated into your daily life. This stunning metal has many uses, from furniture accents to everyday objects. Experiment with different shades and see what artistic possibilities emerge!

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