Liza Soberano Is “Reborn Reimagined Redefined” In Preview PH April 2023

Whether people like it, agree with it, approve of it or not, Liza Soberano is changing, growing, and has taken charge of who she is, her career decisions, and intentions. Here she is “Reborn Reimagined Redefined” in the cover feature of Preview PH magazine for the month of April. I love the photos and the LIZA SOBERANO in this interview.

In the last couple of weeks, Liza tried to break down her words—many taken out of context and spun into a hundred interpretations—expounding on every misunderstood sentence: That she was, indeed, grateful, that she’d merely enumerated the facts of her career for loyal fans still eager to see more of her love team with reel to real beau Enrique Gil, that she’d done everything asked of her, everything that turned her into a success story, and that it was simply time to cut the tether and seek out more of her potential on her own two feet.

Change, for Liza, is now synonymous with growth. She expounds, “I started in the industry when I was a kid, and a lot of the things that I did at the time, I completely agreed to 100% because I knew that’s what was best for me at the time. Having been in the industry for over a decade, I started wanting to explore different things, to go beyond what I think I’m capable of. I’m human, we’re ever evolving and have the right to aspire for growth and will naturally change our minds about things. It’s just a natural process, and it shouldn’t be seen so negatively.”

As a self-proclaimed “people pleaser,” Liza resisted her own hunches for half of her life if only to accommodate the comments and criticism being thrown her way. She had turned into a professional shape-shifter, saying yes to almost every request and demand. It became her default response in fear of being misunderstood if she ever put a foot forward, and true enough, the moment she dared speak her mind, the cavalry came knocking on her windows. She knows there’s no affording immunity to responses like this, especially if changing for the better also means finally being heard. It’s just something she’ll have to live with. “I’m trying to adjust and get used to the idea of not being able to please everyone. No matter how hard I try, there’s always going to be people who dislike me. I just need to learn to be comfortable with that.”

The Liza of today has her eyes set on sharpening her tools overseas. She says she wants to be recognized as a “world-class artist and actress,” but she’s also realistic; she knows acting isn’t a forever thing for her and she sees herself switching gears sooner rather than later. “I feel like there will come a time, especially when I hit my 30s, that I won’t want to be in front of the camera anymore. So I want to be able to learn how things work behind the scenes because I really love creating films, and I love anything creative. I feel like that’s the direction I’m leaning towards. Creating, instead of being the one in front of the camera.”

As far as conversations closer to her heart go, Liza’s passion for Save the Children is most evident. The organization credits her as a major catalyst for helping pass the “Raising the Age of Sexual Consent” bill into law last year. The law is considered a “breakthrough in child protection as it increases the age for sexual consent from 12 to 16 years old.” It also “provides for stricter measures for the protection of the child against sexual abuses.”

“I’m excited because now, moving forward, since the pandemic is over, I want to be more hands-on with my work with Save the Children and be able to involve myself more in the projects from conceptualization to execution,” says Liza. From donating regularly to the organization starting 2016, to officially becoming their ambassador in 2021, her dedication to her advocacy seems testament to her capacity for achieving whatever she sets her mind and heart onto. In spite of the gratuitous chatter hanging over her head, at this point in time, no one knows what Liza wants and needs better than herself.

It’s no secret that Liza has her eyes set on Hollywood. “I am making it a point to only do things that I think serve me and make me happy and push for my growth. That’s one thing that I’ve kind of been able to learn in these past few months. And because I feel more confident and comfortable in doing so, I know it’s going to happen.”

“Am I going to find what it is I’m looking for [in Hollywood]? Honestly, I don’t know. I hope so. I will try my best and I will work just as hard as I ever did, but who really knows for sure.” (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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