3 Sleep Hacks Every Tired Mom Should Try

Being a mom can certainly feel like a full-time job that doesn’t come with training or a manual. Most of the things you do are learned on the job, and every mistake you make is an opportunity to learn. You may feel fatigued easily with so much to do in a limited period. According to statistics, taking care of each child you have can take about 46% of daily sleep. With that in mind, it’s essential to balance making time for your family and having a good night’s sleep. You can try these hacks to see which one will work for you. 

  1. Make a few changes to your bedroom 

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If you are like most tired moms, the last thing you pay attention to is your bedroom, as you may be occupied with ensuring that the kids are well fed, bathed, and the house is clean. If you have a day job, that may also take a lot of your time. Regardless of that, there are simple hacks you can employ to create a relaxing sleep environment. You can start by ensuring your bedroom is clean, quiet, and dark enough to stimulate ultimate relaxation. You can take a few minutes each day or during the weekend to declutter your room little by little. The aim is to enjoy quality sleep while deriving maximum health benefits. Consider investing in blackout curtains or shutters that prevent outdoor lights from permeating through. Alternatively, you can get a sleep mask to do the job equally. More importantly, comfortable bedding can make you feel more relaxed to induce sleep at night. If you’re home all day long with young kids, take the opportunity to snooze when they sleep.

     2. Avoid stimulants close to bedtime 

Tea, coffee, and alcohol are stimulants because their main compounds activate the nervous system. Although you may enjoy taking them, that is the last thing you need close to bedtime, especially after a tiring day with the kids. Admittedly, you may crave a glass of wine before bedtime. Indeed, wine helps the body to relax and unwind at the end of the day, but that effect can be short-lived. When the alcohol starts to metabolize during the night, it stimulates your nervous system, causing interrupted sleep. So a glass of wine may not be your best bet close to bedtime. On the contrary, a glass of warm milk, caffeine-free herbal tea, or a cup of hot chocolate can have the desired effect on your body. You can also try alternatives like cbd or other healthy sleep-enhancing elements that put a nice end to a tiring day. 

     3. Incorporate relaxation techniques into your nightly routines 

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Sleep experts discourage exercising close to bedtime because of the effect on the nervous system. Intense workouts activate the nervous system causing you to stay awake longer than you should. Fortunately, relaxation techniques don’t have to be intense. Mild activities like yoga are great before bedtime as they help relax the muscles and release tension within them. You can also try deep breathing exercises and meditation to calm your nerves before getting into bed at night. Many moms also believe warm baths or a shower right before bed relaxes the body and improves sleep. Better yet, you can start with a hot bath and end with a splash of lukewarm water to lower your core body temperature. That helps signal the brain that it’s time to slow down, helping to end a tiring day on a relaxing note.

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