How To Put Love And Joy Back Into Your Dishes

Have you lost that spark you used to have when it came to cooking? You’re not alone. Sometimes cooking food can become a chore and the love that you had for it might not be the same as it was. This may be down to having to do it all the time for your household or feeling like you’re repeating the same meals over and over again.

Putting love and joy back into your cooking is something that is important to do, especially when you’re looking to heal your relationship with food in general. Here are some tips to reconnect and find that love for food again. 

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Invest in the right cooking utensils

Cooking is something that requires practice. You don’t want to be the person who is only able to fry an egg or microwave a ready meal. Cooking skills are going to help you with living life in a healthy manner and more importantly, nourishing yourself with the much-needed time and sustenance you deserve.

With that being said, consider what cooking utensils are missing from your toolkit. How do you expect to cook delicious meals when you’ve not got the right utensils, to begin with? Figure out what’s missing so that you can invest in the best cooking tools. 

Explore and do research online for recipes

There are lots of resources online that can prove very useful when it comes to brainstorming recipes. Consider what type of recipes you may be missing from your weekly intake of food. Are you getting enough red meat? What about protein-enriched vegetarian foods? 

With recipes online, you’ve got an opportunity to learn how to cook pork and sauerkraut in an instant pot or to create a home-baked lasagne from scratch.

Spend more time in the kitchen – don’t rush!

When it comes to the time you spend in the kitchen, try not to rush the process. It can often be a case that you don’t have much time to cook in the evenings whether that’s to do with work or just prioritizing other things.

Spending more time in the kitchen is important, especially as it can be a therapeutic space to unwind in after a particularly challenging day. Try to spend more time in the kitchen when you’re prepping breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make that extra time where you can and you’ll likely find your inner joy coming back instead of it feeling more like a chore.

Get your kids involved

Getting your kids involved when it comes to cooking is highly important. It’s something that they’ll value highly as they get older, especially as it’s a skill that won’t go unappreciated. Do you want your kids to be those adults who can only boil an egg or put bread in the toaster?

If you’re looking to reignite that spark of joy and love that typically goes into your dishes, get your children involved. There’s nothing more exciting for kids than being able to help out with something that’s very ‘adult’ and is only something that the parent usually does. As boring as it might be for you now, you can bring that joy right back once you let your children in the kitchen.

Sign up for a food delivery service

Not everyone has the time to do the grocery shopping, let alone cook home-cooked meals. To help with this, it’s a good idea to look into signing up for a food delivery service. This a great way of getting fresh food and produce delivered straight to your front door with minimal effort on your part. 

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Consider what it is you might be needed when it comes to groceries as there are plenty of food service options to pick from. Whether that’s HelloFresh with pre-selected meals and ingredients, to a general grocery store shopping service.

Keep your cooking space clean

As a cook, it’s important that whatever you consider to be your talent in the kitchen, you’re always keeping your cooking space clean. There’s nothing worse than approaching your kitchen space and finding an environment that is less-than-appealing. By coming into a dirty kitchen space, you’re less likely to want to cook in it, let alone eat any food you’ve prepared. 

Keep your cooking space clean and you’ll find yourself more willing to cook in the space as a result. 

Cooking should be a joy and a love that you have because it not only brings great satisfaction but helps provide for your body. Make sure to find that love and joy again for your own cooking habits.

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