Ysabel Ortega Shares How She’s Balancing Showbiz And Law School In CANDY Magazine Feature

Check out Kapuso star and “Voltes V Legacy” headliner Ysabel Ortega in the May issue of CANDY Magazine. After graduating with a Political Economy degree from University of Asia and the Pacific in 2021, Ysabel is back in school to fulfill her dreams of being a Lawyer. The actress is doing her utmost best in balancing her showbiz career and school.

“Being part of something this big, that’s being produced by GMA, is such an honor—[especially] when you find out how much people are working on this, how much people are really putting in,” she says.

“Being one of the faces of this project is really such an overwhelming experience and I’m super honored to be a part of it.”

One Step at a Time
Beyond building a name for herself in show business, Ysabel also keeps herself busy by pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. After graduating with a degree in Political Economy from the University of Asia and the Pacific in 2021, she’s back in school—this time, to study law. With a booked schedule, especially now that she’s busy promoting Voltes V: Legacy, she admits that her first semester has been undeniably difficult. Nevertheless, she truly enjoys learning and finds the time to keep up with her assigned readings amidst her busy work schedule.

“It really became hard to balance but I had fun with my first semester. I love law school, I love learning, I love reading, and definitely, it’s something I really want to try and pursue,” she tells Candy.

While she was busy traveling and promoting her new show early this year, she took advantage of the time in between by preparing for her classes. “Any time I could read, I would read. Alam ‘to ng Voltes V cast, because we were doing promotions during the first quarter of the year, so we would always fly to different parts of the country, literally almost every day.”

Ysabel admits that she used to have the mindset that she must be busy all the time to be considered *productive.* Now, she has come to the realization that there’s no need for her to rush into anything.

The actress-slash-law student also paces herself and tries not to succumb to the idea of having to finish things fast.

“I’m really trying my best not to pressure myself into having everything done so perfectly. Right now, I’m just enjoying law school, and at the same time, I’m making the most out of enjoying the moment when it comes to my career. Because we’re only going to air Voltes V once, ‘di ba? So I just want to savor every moment.”

When asked what advice she would give those who are balancing their work and studies as well, she has this to say: “Take it easy on yourself. It’s not bad to have a day off; it’s not bad to take a breather.”

“Just try to have a good schedule or a good system when it comes to how to balance your time because that’s really just where things boil down—kung paano mo ima-manage ‘yung time mo,” she adds.


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