Arjo Atayde & Maine Mendoza For MEGA Entertainment Before They Say “I Do”

A safe space doesn’t always have to be a certain location. Instead, it can also be in the form of a person who protects you, provides for you, and supports your dreams and aspirations. And for #MaineMendoza, it’s none other than #ArjoAtayde.

As they grace this month’s MEGA Entertainment cover, the couple gives us a glimpse into their simple yet beautiful love story, and what’s in store for them as they embark on their new life together as soon-to-be newlyweds. (SOURCE)

We sit down with the couple while they are having a breakfast break, and we can immediately see that they are as natural and as comfortable as any couple in love could be.

Maine and Arjo met at a story conference in 2018 for the film Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles. They both recall how they were mutually shy around each another then. Arjo admits that he already had a crush on Maine at the time.

Was it love at first sight? We ask. Arjo replies, “Ang feeling ko, it was more of a sincere thing. I’ve always had a crush on her, and I’ve always had a thing for her, but there were no chances of meeting her. So I didn’t expect anything until I met her. At first, puro hiya-hiya, but it grew so quick when we got to know each other. But the moment we went out, there was a feeling of contentment that we can’t explain, and it just went smoothly for us. We just blend well together.”

Maine points out that falling in love was the most natural progression for them: “Same thing! I’ve always had a crush on him. We just matched: our personalities are opposites, but somehow our differences make up for what we each lack. So, I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but it was a series of conversations and getting to know this and stuff like that. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I saw him, and I love him.’ Walang gano’n. I wouldn’t consider it as love at first sight. Does it really happen in real life?”

“Natural” may be one of the simplest words, but it is also one of the most beautiful words that we want to use to describe the deep, loving relationship that Arjo and Maine has. As Maine puts it, “No pretensions. We get to be ourselves around each other.” (SOURCE)

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