Dingdong Dantes’ “Dingdong PH” Delivery Service Venture Partners With “Rider Ko”

Dingdong Dantes shared the story of how Dingdong PH was conceptualized, how it started, what it accomplished and then announced a new partnership with Rider Ko, a 100% Filipino-developed app revolutionizing door-to-door delivery services owned by Joy Tan. Together they aim to:

..empower our local community with an all-in-one platform. Our goal? Seamless transactions and unrivaled convenience for customers and merchants, revolutionizing the local delivery service industry.

Together, we move forward with shared values, beliefs, and objectives. By combining our strengths, we become a force to be reckoned with, paving the way towards achieving our goals.

This partnership unites our expertise, talent, and innovation in the tech and delivery sectors, creating a holistic e-commerce and delivery experience. Partner businesses and app users will reap the benefits of this collaboration. As demand for delivery services skyrockets, we provide more options for Filipino consumers and businesses.

Our mission goes beyond growth; it’s about catering to the unique needs of the local market without compromising on quality. Joy Tan, the visionary behind RiderKo, will continue as CEO, while I step into the role of Chief Strategy Officer, guiding our long-term vision and initiatives. (SOURCE)

Congratulations on the partnership and wishing all the best as they both deliver their future plans which inlude a launch of Education-to-Employment Program with Magna Anima Teacher’s College. a Ride Now, Pay Later program as well as introducing E-vehicles from PureEVs which caters to tech and delivery sectors in creating a holistic e-commerce and delivery experience. Read more below! 👏👏

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