Olivia Rodrigo For VOGUE August 2023

In time for her sophomore album release, GUTS, Olivia Rodrigo is featured in Vogue Magazine for the month of August. Touted as the first Filipina-American to be in the cover of Vogue magazine, the Grammy award-winner talks about her new decade, new album, new life, and her next chapter. GUTS will be out in September and is available now for presave in Apple and Spotify. Her new single VAMPIRE is now available in Spotify as well.

A New Decade, A New Album, A New Life— Olivia Rodrigo’s Next Chapter

Olivia Rodrigo is vibrating with excitement. We’re cozy in A-1 Record Shop in the East Village, listening to funk over the speakers and torrential rain on the pavement outside. She’s about to get the keys to a new apartment in Greenwich Village, and she’s entering her New York era: Her best friend Madison goes to Columbia, she wants to know where the good karaoke spots are, and she feels like the energy of any well-spent 20s—a little chaos, a lot of fun—is all around her here. “I’ve got to live my Sex and the City fantasy,” she says. (For the record, she identifies as a Carrie and Charlotte mix.)


When the world—outside the narrowly age-gated if otherwise enormous viewership for Disney original programming—was introduced to Olivia Rodrigo, it was January 2021 and she was 17, and every single person with internet access and a pandemic-​damaged psyche seemed to be listening to “Drivers License,” a song she wrote about her first heartbreak. She was 16 when COVID hit, and she was living at home with her parents, finishing her senior-year schoolwork, sitting in her bedroom watching her life change through a tiny screen. “Everything flipped on its head,” she says, with the release of that song, which was streamed 80 million times in a week.


Rodrigo was born in Riverside County, in Southern California, the year that Taylor Swift moved to Nashville to become a country star. Her mom was a teacher, her dad a therapist, and their musical taste leaned toward grunge, rock, and alternative: No Doubt, the White Stripes, ’80s metal, riot grrrl. Rodrigo, a bubbly and precocious go-getter, embraced the vibes, going to the county fair to see Weezer for her first concert; on YouTube, you can watch her at eight years old, singing “Home Sweet Home” by Mötley Crüe in a local talent competition. Her paternal family is Filipino, as my family is, and in A-1 Records, we joke about the more-or-less accurate ethnic stereotype about Filipinos: We all know how to sing. Rodrigo pulls out an album by the Cure. “I’m going to see them in two weeks with my dad,” she tells me. “He’s introducing me to all the bands he went to see when he was my age.” A few weeks ago, they went to see Depeche Mode, too.(SOURCE/READ FULL STORY HERE)

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