Andrea Brillantes For PREVIEW PH July 2023

Andrea Brillantes Is No Longer a Child and She’s Not Here to Play Around

Shaking off the remnants of her child actor beginnings, Andrea Brillantes—or Blythe—is honoring her hardships and growing up at her own pace.

“You can call me Blythe.”

Anndrew Blythe Gorostiza, better known as Andrea Brillantes, has been called many things throughout her career. Before she became Annaliza or Marga Mondragon, she was among thousands of girls lining up at auditions and go-sees with her mom. Things got rolling, and she eventually went from playing the younger versions of leading ladies to headlining her own titles. You could say that all the effort is paying off, as she’s now regarded as one of her generation’s biggest stars.

Blythe tends to take over when you ask her about her family, and how she had to provide for them before she even hit puberty. She’s a lady who laments but never regrets having to grow up much faster than her peers. During our conversation, I was talking to a real adult, underscored by the fact that crocheted bunny ears were dangling from her head.

In an alternate universe, Blythe would’ve been attending her dream school without worrying about the high tuition fee. But the reality is, that kind of money was what fed her siblings for the past ten years or so. This is the only life she’s ever gotten to know, and it surely took some getting used to. In regard to the perpetual struggle that is the oft-referenced work-life balance, there is no such concept for Blythe. The two are simply one and the same for her.

It hasn’t been long since the actress went through the celebrity christening of having a heavily publicized break-up, and a controversial one at that. Tabloid columnists and keyboard warriors alike spewed their speculations of who did what, with some blatantly casting judgment on Blythe and automatically assuming that she was the one at fault.

Now that the dust has settled, she couldn’t care less about the chatter. “Natatawa lang ako pero hindi ako naapektuhan by it,” she firmly states. “Siguro kung maapektuhan ako, naiinis lang ako sa mga tao na hindi pa maka-move on. Ako nga, okay na okay na ako. Pero wala akong magagawa about it eh. May bagong headline, okay. Kahit ang OA ng iba, okay.”

Blythe admits that her first relationship scarred her more since she was less equipped for heartbreak back then. But this time around, she’s taken things with more grace and finesse. In fact, she wouldn’t have realized just how much she’s grown if it weren’t for the mess that ensued. “Sobrang nakatulong yung break-up kasi [doon ko na-realize] na [hindi na] ako baby. Yung inner peace ko, nabuo ko na sya eh,” she states. (SOURCE/READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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