Let’s Hear It For The Men At GMA GALA 2023

I appreciate that most of the Men at the GMA GALA 2023 last night stuck to the traditional 2/3-piece suits or tuxedo style in their interpretation of “modern elegance” theme. They all looked dapper and elegant with a touch of modern by incorporating textures into their jackets like velvet, tweed, and silk. Then there’s Alden Richards who went the other way. I’ll explain more below but DEFINITELY, let’s hear it for these MEN who all looked handsome and drool-worthy!

Dingdong Dantes and his stylist must have been brainstorming one day and decided, Velvet it is and make it plum and Tom Ford! 🔥🔥

Dennis Trillo served up his own classic velvet suit from Rub Rinas.

Rayver Cruz never fails in his suit game this time around wearing a tweed suit from Ryan Chris and Dior shoes.

Vin Abrenica was serving Rhett Butler-look with his suit from Bianca Cordero.

Jak Roberto was dashing in his bespoke charcoal grey suit from Ehrran Montoya.

Matteo Guidicelli also went for his own Velvet in green tuxedo by William Lee.

Jason Abalos in a white and black suit combo from Regi2Wear.

Mikael Daez channeled his TV character Kristoff Royales in his dashing black suit from Francis Libiran.

Rocco Nacino looked like he had fun in his white and black silk suit from Jaggy Larino.

Dominic Roque sported a classic look in his MARK BUMGARNER suit.

David Licauco was eveyr bit of the Pambansang Ginoo in his Tom Ford tuxedo.

Alright, here it is. In all honesty, Alden Richards‘ Louis Vuitton white jacket with brooch was not my cup of tea. There’s something about the whole structure of the jacket which others have pointed out looks like a Chef’s uniform. I like to see classic and traditional pieces when it comes to Men’s suits. That’s just my preference and to each its own. Having said that, I’m giving Alden major DIMPLE points for totally going out of the box. He went for it and at the end of the day, if he loved it and felt good wearing it then that’s all that matters. 👍👍

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