Feast Your Eyes On Utica Bread Bakery’s Croissants & Tomato Pie

A couple of weeks before our Upstate NY vacation I was casually scrolling my Facebook feed while waiting to succumb to dreamland when I came upon a raving review from Food & Wine regarding a place that makes Pilgrimage-Worthy Pain au Chocolat. On a whim and because I’m obsessed with croissants I clicked the link to read the article. There it said, Utica NY. Right there and then like a crazy mad woman in love with pastry I showed my husband my phone and told him, “WE HAVE TO STOP AT THIS PLACE.” Like everything is in our social media driven world, I went to Instagram to search for Utica Bread Bakery account and of course there is one. Long story short, on the 3rd day of our vacation and because it was raining therefore we couldn’t really do anything outdoors as originally planned, Scott said we’ll take Emma to watch Incredibles 2 and stop at that place you want to stop at. Off we went.

I shared a few pictures on Instagram on that day(SWIPE above) which was like oh-I-don’t-know THE BEST DAY EVER! Scott and I thought Utica Bread Bakery was like a cafe where you order and have coffee/tea and such. We were wrong. It’s a quaint yet modern bakery. There are 3 tables out front and another one inside but mostly it is a bakery with this huge shelf filled with baskets as soon as you enter, a wall behind the counter with shelves filled with different kinds of freshly baked bread, a counter to pick your pastry and then pay at the register. Quick and easy. The prices are not too shabby either. Actually, the prices are quite good. We came out of there with 3 slices of tomato pie, 6 Pain au Chocolat croissants, and 2 feta cheese and spinach croissants for $31(or was it $32, can’t remember anymore). Oh and it smells sooooooooooooooo delicious.

I know nothing about pastry. I just love to consume them. I wouldn’t be able to write a well-thought of review except that they were excellent, buttery, flaky, and Utica Bread Bakery is definitely worthy of your visit if you are ever near Utica NY located exactly at 106 Genesee Street Utica, NY 13501. What I can do is show you photos and let you salivate over them because I’m kind and generous like that.

Pain au Chocolat croissants

Tomato Pie: Perfect thick dough with a perfectly balanced marinara sauce and cheese topping.

Feta Cheese & Spinach Croissants: SO GOOD!!

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