#Autism: Official Diagnostic Evaluation Is In Our Hands

We finally received the official documents pertaining to Emma’s Autism diagnosis. We did the test back in November 2012 and the final reports came to us in the mail last week. It took 2 months for everything to finish. Well, it’s not actually finished because this is an ongoing process with TEACCH.

Emma got her full physical checkup last month. That was hard but we all made through it alive and kicking, literally, :). Now we can start dealing with the school. Emma is going to be evaluated by the school then we’ll go from there. They’re going to formulate a structured plan for her to handle a school setting. I’m sure this is going to be a process as well and I’m going to be in pins and needles through it all.

Right now Emma is sick with a cold and stuffy nose. It’s hard when our children get sick. It’s harder when an Autistic child is sick because in my Autistic child’s case, she doesn’t like to be helped. She doesn’t want to take medicine. Force-feeding her medicine will only result to wasted medicine, and me, cleaning up an entire room. Mixed in juice? She’s too smart for that trick. I’ve wasted many cups of juice & medicine combo coz she’d dump ’em in the sink. It took us about 30 minutes last night trying to get her to take her medicine. I had to take some too so she could copy me since she’s a very visual kid. So in a way, I took one for the team last night. Here’s to hoping for a shorter process of taking medicine tonight. If I have to take another shot of cold/stuffy nose/fever blueberry flavor then I guess I’ll just have to. Anything to make my baby feel better. 🙂

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