How Marian Rivera Bounces Back From Pregnancy So Quickly

First things first, a short disclaimer before I delve into Marian Rivera‘s amazing post-childbirth body. I’m going to try my best to be careful and responsible in discussing this topic because I do know that women’s bodies and pregnancies are different. It is imperative that we recognize the fact that while we experience the same joy and woes of pregnancy and labor, those experiences could still be varied. The same could be said after childbirth. Let’s also consider that Marian Rivera is her own identity different from who we are and that she belongs in the kind of milieu(showbiz industry) that we don’t. I’m not saying she’s(or any other celebrities for that matter) better than any of us. What I’m saying is, Marian is Marian while Dexie is Dexie, Tina is Tina, Susie is Susie, Diana is Diana, and so on and so forth.

People were amazed when photos of Marian were posted on Thursday showing her 1 month and a week post-childbirth look. The collective reaction was awe at how fast she bounced back from her pregnancy weight. People were asking how she did it. Well, let me break it down how.

Before Marian got pregnant she prepared herself. She took time to go to the gym and did crossfit for months. She’s always lived an active lifestyle. Knock knock, she’s a talented dancer on top of that.

During her pregnancy she did Pilates which prepared her for childbirth. I can attest to how Pilates is a good exercise even if you’re not pregnant. Knowing how Marian walked a lot with her 1st pregnancy she probably did as well during the 2nd baby.

“Nung naglihi, ako hinanap kong una kamias tapos nag-mangga, lahat ng maasim. Ni-recommend din ng OB ko na kailangan kasi ‘yung anak ko ngayon mas malaki e. So kailangan i-exercise ko siya para pagdating nong araw na manganganak ako, alam ko kung anong muscle ‘yung gagamitin ko sa pag-ire. Kasi ang talagang target ko is normal again,” said Marian.

She is preparing for childbirth through pilates. (source)

Lest we forget, Marian is an FHM Hall of Famer and was ESQUIRE Indonesia’s 2nd hottest Asian woman.

It helps to remember that Marian is naturally a petite person who takes care of herself really well. Can you recall a time when she didn’t look good that you felt she could receive a “fat memo” from GMA Network? NEVER! She’s aware that she works in an industry where looking good is pretty much a requirement. Even at her “heaviest” (for lack of a better word), she still looks lean, fit, and healthy. Marian is a strong proponent of loving yourself and taking care of yourself. She could eat and wouldn’t say no to chocolates but she knows discipline so she would eat fish and vegetables as part of her “diet” if she needed to for a role, an endorsement, or a magazine shoot.

Right now Marian is breastfeeding and that helps tremendously when a new Mom is trying to lose the pregnancy pounds. She breastfed her first child for about 2 years so I’m guessing she’s going to try the same with her second child. Throughout this whole process which started BEFORE she even got pregnant, I am confident that Marian is living a healthy lifestyle.

While we shouldn’t compare ourselves to her because like I said our experiences are varied, not to mention GENES, we should definitely still be inspired at how Marian takes care of herself. Yes, she’s always have one of the most admired physique in the industry but she also works hard to maintain it. Not just so she’d be sexy but for her overall mental and healthy outlook on life. You’d see it in her face. She glows all the time. She wasn’t shoving food in her mouth like it’s her last meal. Nor has she ever been a habitual drinker or smoker or a constant visitor of nightclubs. She will most probably get back to her fitness regimen once she’s ready. Marian is proof that what we do BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER and basically how we live makes a huge impact and produces results that are beneficial to our well-being.

THIS in reality is how Marian Rivera bounced back from pregnancy so quickly. Not all Moms could as fast as Marian did because as I’ve already mentioned, women’s bodies are different and for other circumstances that are sometimes beyond our control. Be inspired by Marian(I am, in more ways than one) but let’s not allow ourselves to fall into the dangerous pit of comparisons. Be kind to yourself. Take your time and enjoy your journey as much as Marian is enjoying her own.

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