“BALOTA” Director Kip Oebanda Shares Insights On Working W/ Marian Rivera

When Marian Rivera shared an update on her upcoming movie BALOTA last week during an endorsement event, the Box-Office Queen said she was deglamorized for her role and earned her bruises by doing all the difficult scenes herself without any double. Director Kip Oebanda talked aboout this further in an interview with Inquirer praising Marian’s range as an actress and commitment to the role. BALOTA is produced by GMA Pictures and GMA Entertainment Group and will be shown during the Cinemelaya Film Festival this August 2024.

Marian plays a teacher tasked to be a poll watcher during the 2007 elections in “Balota.” In a separate interview with Inquirer Entertainment, Kip explained that Marian’s cuts and bruises were partly because she insisted on being real and truthful in portraying her character.

“We had on the set a ballot box that was actually used in 2007. It was made of steel and weighed six kilos with the ballots inside. We had a rubber version made, but she didn’t want to use that. The steel ballot box was tied to her wrist. While she was running, the box kept hitting her. That’s one of the reasons she got bruises,” he said.

Compelling part
“Her explanation to me was that she really wanted to go through what her character had experienced. We were also surprised because there were times when, while shooting scenes on the forest floor, instead of putting fake dirt on her face and body, she would just put actual soil on herself,” Kip recalled.

When asked what he discovered about Marian while shooting, Kip said: “What is very clear to me about Marian is that she is a very family-centered person. She would arrive on time, so we were able to start early, and we would eventually release her early. She really loves her family and this, I feel, is a compelling part of her character since this is a mother-and-son story.”

Kip said it was good that Marian was able to bring out and show this side of her—being protective of her family—but he thinks the actress has not fully explored this just yet.

“The one thing that really surprised me was her range. Here, she was absolutely pushed to her limits, not just physically but also emotionally. She really went to dark places for the character. But since my method is about the character and not the actor, she was able to let go easily. When people see this on screen, they themselves will be surprised with Marian’s acting range. In terms of her delivery of lines, all I can say is this: How do you think a feisty teacher would talk if her family and community are in danger? You wouldn’t be so nice about it. You would most likely say some choice words.” (SOURCE)

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