Desirable Qualities of a Good Author

Writing may seem easy, but it takes effort to be a great writer. You may think you are an excellent writer only for your work to be rejected. It takes an open-minded, patient, and devoted writer to push through, no matter the obstacles.

What Makes A Good Author


Most people don’t love reading. Therefore, authors like Daniel Handler should attract the reader’s attention by creating exciting stories, integrating with people, and learning what they want in a book. Then, use the findings and creativity to come up with an amazing story.

Ability To Express Ideas Clearly

Good writing should be clear and easy to understand. Everything that is written should make sense, and the readers should not struggle to figure out what the writer wants to say, no matter the complexity of the subject.

Open to Corrections

By nature, authors are emotionally attached to their work. It is hurtful to accept rejections by publishers. However, it is important to accept constructive criticism because it will help you improve and refine your work.

Thinking Outside the Box

Creating something unique is what distinguishes excellent writers from average authors. An author should avoid writing the obvious and create an amazing story within their imagination.


Most amateur writers write when they feel like it. But, a serious writer must persevere and complete the book no matter the challenges. Only patience will make you survive in this competitive career.

Passion for Writing

An author needs to love writing sincerely. No matter the days or hours you’ll spend on the keyboard, the passion for writing should come from within. On some days, best author Daniel Handler also feels tired, but the love for writing will keep him moving until he communicates what’s in his mind.

Great Reader

A writer should be a passionate reader. It is through reading different materials that the author will get ideas from other writers. Always aim at reading important materials that will help you improve your writing.


A good author should have other knowledge apart from writing. You should learn how to edit, proofread and market your books. You don’t have to wait until someone sells your book. You can do it yourself by engaging people on Facebook or Instagram.

Lastly, as an author, you must keep writing. It’s not easy. Rejections, writer’s block, and boredom will be there, but you must write those words down. In the end, you will have a book. A book you’ll happily launch and enjoy your success.

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