The Almost Finished #Autism “Roxy” Skirt

I was going to wait until after I’ve completely finished this Autism skirt that I made for Emma but I’m too excited that I just have to share it now. I found this puzzle print fabric 🧩 from Hobby Lobby last year and I’ve planned on making something with it in time for Emma to wear it on April which is World Autism Month. I bought a Simplicity “Roxy” skirt pattern to go along with it from Hobby Lobby as well. I’ve finally decided to make it last Monday.

I don’t feel confident yet in doing any kind of sewing since Scott got me my Singer sewing machine back in July of last year but this week I’ve decided to just go for it. Thankfully, the pattern has a step-by-step video instruction online. While I can do the basics I know my sewing skills are almost nonexistent so I need to see visuals through a video tutorial.

I didn’t document my own process of sewing this skirt because there was no way in hell I could do too many things all at once while sewing the skirt but believe me when I say I did it. I took photos of the skirt pattern and puzzle print fabric instead just to show some kind of proof that I really did this 🙋‍♀️. It’s not perfect but it looks pretty darn good.

So, I just need to add the elastic on the waist and this Autism “Roxy” Skirt should be finished. I will of course share photos of Emma later on wearing the skirt once she does. I have a cute style in mind for her. As excited as I am right now we probably won’t be able to wait until April. I might have to buy more of the fabric and make something else. A dress, perhaps. We shall see and wish me luck! 🧩

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