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When was the last time you’ve played solitaire online? These days because my daughter and I would usually wait for her Doctor’s Zoom appointments we’d play some games online waiting. I’ve taught her how to play solitaire from I myself like to play the classic solitaire and the Free Cell.

The fun thing about is that it has other games that my daughter also enjoy. Like the word games. We both like the Letter Scramble, Word Search, and Crossword. One of my favorite board games is Scrabble so these games are just up my alley and I try to encourage my daughter who loves her ELA’s vocabulary to play more word games. Then of course she would ask what the word means if she doesn’t know already so we’ll search the dictionary to find out. To complete the word lesson I would use it in a sentence so she’ll get the context of the word. We take our word games seriously.

Oh the Candy Fiesta. It’s like Candy Crash and it’s just so much fun and distracting especially when we’ve been waiting for a while. And of course, even just to unwind and not necessarily waiting for an appointment. There are other Match games namely; Candy House, Daily Same Game, Plushy Animals, Treasures of Atlantis, Zuma Ball, and Zuma Legend.

Another favorite online game of mine is the Mahjong Tiles. I’m partial to the Basic Mahjong game but there are a few more to play from the site. Such as Animal Connection, 10 Mahjong, Black and White Dimensions, Mahjong 3D, Mahjong Black White 2 Untimed, and because we love food and cooking, the Cooking tiles. There are a few more on the list to check out.

If puzzles are your thing, the Logic Puzzle Games section is the best place for you. I personally like the ever-so-classic Tetra Blocks but Chess is a good one too if you have time to spare. There’s a long list of Logic Puzzle Games to choose from for your fancy.

Whatever is your online game of choice, may it be solitaire, words, puzzles, match, card games, or hidden object games, definitely try visiting soon. They’re fun, educational, and would surely keep sharpening the mind and keep you more alert, thinking, and strategizing.

Dexie Jane

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