“The Pioneer Woman” Inspired Jars

The Pioneer Woman” merchandise which are sold at Wal-Mart have a signature style and look. The aesthetic is country and most items are very floral. I love them. I sometimes find myself oogling at these items while passing the special aisle at Wal-Mart. I have a couple of TPW products in my house. The throw pillow in the library and a large serving platter which I don’t want to dig up from my drawers right now ‘coz I’m lazy, HAH! Besides, this is about these DIY jars using 3 materials: recycled spaghetti sauce jars, fabric, and twine. And I want to get there so you can see all the numerous photos I took.

I’ve seen stuff online recreating “The Pioneer Woman” look by painting the jars. 1. I can’t paint to save my life. I’m not artistic like my children. They got that from their Father. 2. Using fabric means I could change the look to match the season.

Seriously, all you need are washed, cleaned, and dried spaghetti or salsa or pickle jars, plus a pretty print of fabric, and twine.

Place 1 jar in the middle og the fabric. Pay attention to the image for the measurements.

Fold each corner over into the jar, tightly.

Cut a long piece of twine then wrap it around the top part of the jar.

VOILA! The spring jars. I’m definitely changing the fabric come Fall and Christmas/Winter season.

Tis is the fun part. Decorate the jars however you like. As is, with some leafy branches, daisies.. etc.

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