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Meet Gabriella Wilson: The Woman Behind H.E.R.

For Gabriella Wilson, the story of H.E.R. is one of evolution, roots, and revolution. We dig deep into the life of the Grammy and Oscar-winning global superstar.

“There were so many reasons why I wanted to be anonymous and why I wanted the music to shine,” H.E.R. tells me. “I had been through so much stuff that a young woman goes through. I wanted people to hear the message and really understand what I’m saying and not be so focused on what I look like or who I’m dating or what I’m wearing and all those things that to me, we started to focus on more because of social media. It was all about the ‘full package’ and the music came last.”

In the process, H.E.R. has become one of the few young artists to break through without the public really knowing who she was—and it’s become a gift and a curse.

“I feel like people know H.E.R. and they know the music, but it’s time for people to really get to know the person,” she says. “Throughout these past few years with success and all the great things that have happened, I think I’ve been moving so quickly… Now I’ve taken a second to be like, what do I want and who am I? I think that’s a coming of age moment.”

That renewed self-possession is apparent in Wilson’s personal style. Gone are the days when the artist hid behind sunglasses and big hair, shrouded in sweats and hoodies. The past few years have seen Wilson embrace bolder, more assertive looks, blossoming into a red carpet player.

“I tried in the beginning to make each fitting aspirational,” her stylist Wouri Vice, who has been working with her since she was 19, tells me. “So even though [we were doing a lot of] sweatsuits, there were pumps [in the fitting too]—not today, but maybe one day. And now you look and she’s sitting onstage with Michelle Obama wearing a sweatsuit and pumps… You’re literally watching the evolution of Gabriella Wilson.”

“Being 25, the things that worked when I was 18 and 20 don’t work for me now and the things that I want are different,” she says. “I know that’ll be forever changing, but I’m comfortable in that. I can’t tolerate anything or anyone that will try to take that away and try to make me something I’m not.” (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE: VOGUE PH)


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