Kate Valdez Is “Dreamwalker” In Mikey Sutton And Noel Layon Flores Live-Action Series Directed By Mikhael Red

GMA Network talent Kate Valdez has been cast as the titleholder in the upcoming U.K.-Asian live-action TV adaptation from Mikey Sutton and Noel Layon Flores. This is a promnised fulfilled by Sutton who in 2018 told Kate he’d turn her into a comic super-hero.

The news is everywhere. I’ve had to keep this a secret for about eight months. I am overwhelmed with joy. In 2018, I promised Kate I’d turn her into a comic-book superhero and help launch her into a Hollywood star. Mission accomplished. Remember when I used to keep saying “whatever it takes”? This is what I was referring to. I never give up. Ever.

I wrote “Dreamwalker” shortly I suffered a devastating stroke; I was an hour away from dying. I was told I might never use both my hands or walk again. I was in physical therapy for months. I regained both abilities through daily, non-stop work. I never give up. Ever.

And now the dream is real. Kate is Kat. I’ve known Kate for nearly five years now, and her powerful acting in “Unica Hija” tells you that she will rock Dreamwalker. She will be the Next Big Thing I called her in 2018. Kate will be an international superstar. I said that in 2018. I’m saying it now. And the world is listening. She deserves this massive success. (SOURCE: Mikey Sutton Facebook)

Top Filipino film director Mikhail Red (“Birdshot,” “Rekorder”) is set as series director of “Dreamwalker,” a live-action book-to-series adaptation of a story about a monster-slaying vlogger. The project is being set up by London- and Singapore-based 108 Media.

“Dreamwalker” is directed by Mikhal Red with Treb Monteras II also a director and showrunner with Kaitlyn Fae Fajilan as headwriter which will be produced by MOnteras, Justin Deimen, Kirstie Contrevida, Abhi Rastogi under 108 Media and Mikey Sutton.

The show is an adaptation of the “Dreamwalker” action-fantasy graphic novel by Filipino-American pop culture blogger Mikey Sutton and artist Noel Layon Flores. The novel topped the comics charts in The Philippines and was auctioned for TV adaptation. 108 Media envisages the show as a multi-season universe which will begin to find its way to regional audiences in Asia from early 2024.

Season one will focus on the origin story of the Filipino-American protagonist Kat who returns to the Philippines under mysterious circumstances. She survives a bus crash and finds herself gifted with the ability to enter dreams of others and being able to extract weapons temporarily to wield against supernatural beings from Filipino folklore as she investigates the source of the monster wave while attempting to help those affected by the looming threat. (SOURCE: Variety)

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