House Of Representatives Passed The “Eddie Garcia Act” Unanimously W/ 240-0 Votes

The “Eddie Garcia Act” bill has been passed last Monday at the House Of Representatives with a unanimous votes of 240-0. The bill protects “both workers and independent contractors in the film, television and radio entertainment industry” as Philippine Star reported.

This, in my opinion, is GREAT news for the entertainment industry as a whole. At the time of Eddie Garcia’s death from an unfortunate accident on the set, I talked about a much-needed discourse within the entertainment industry calling for something to protect industry employees which Dingdong Dantes himself LIKED on Twitter. 4 years later, the Eddie Garcia Act is here. That’s a major progress and a big WIN for ALL entertainment employees once it’s enacted into law so let’s hope that happens soon.

Voting 240-0, the House of Representatives in a plenary session unanimously approved on final reading the House Bill 1270 or the Eddie Garcia Act.

If enacted into law, it will entitle entertainment industry workers to fair working conditions and protection against exploitation and abuse, as well as just compensation and other benefits for their welfare.

The bill is named after prolific actor Eddie Garcia, who died after tripping over loose wires while filming a series in 2019. The incident led several actors in the industry to call out dismal and dangerous working conditions in the entertainment industry.

The filing of the bill in 2020 also stemmed from the veteran actor’s death.

The measure is a consolidated version of six related bills, including one authored by Garcia’s stepson, Rep. Mikee Romero (1-Pacman Party-list).

The measure requires employers to provide workers or contractors with a copy of a contract that explicitly states the number of work hours, job position and description, period of employment, details of compensation and other conditions that will affect the person’s work.

The bill also states that the employer would be required to adhere to all laws related to workers’ occupational safety and health standards.

Workers are also entitled to overtime pay if they render their services beyond eight hours, and they can only extend up to a maximum of 12 hours. The measure also prohibits workers from rendering more than 60 hours a week.

The measure also requires employers to provide all workers with government-mandated benefits and consider their travel time to-and-from work as part of their working hours.

Rep. Alfred Delos Santos (Ang Probinsyano party-list), co-author of the bill, said the measure would help strengthen the entertainment industry in the long run by providing its workers with fair working conditions and compensation.

Tripartite council
Eddie Garcia Act will also require the Department of Labor and Employment to create a tripartite council that will consolidate the concerns of, and link, workers in the film, television and radio entertainment industry.

“It is my hope that the Tripartite Council being established in the Eddie Garcia bill will exceed expectations based on its legislated design and that workers will justly assert their rights on self-organization and collective bargaining,” Delos Santos said.

The lawmaker added that the bill can serve as a “prototype of other workers’ welfare bills” and provide guidance to lawmakers in the Senate if they decide to include in the measure workers in theater production. – Cristina Chi (SOURCE)

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