Dingdong Dantes LIKED My Tweet Calling For A Discourse In The Industry To Protect ALL Employees

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? When news of Mr. Eddie Garcia‘s accident while he was taping for an upcoming teleserye under GMA Network happened I’ve immediately posted a tweet saying that may that be a wake up call for all networks, movie, and TV productions to protect their employees. While accidents do happen what happened to Tito Eddie was preventable and I do believe that what ensued during the process of transporting him to a hospital quite possibly have aggravated his situation. If only there was a medic team on standby. We don’t know. Will we ever know the truth? GMA Network said they’re investigating the incident.

And then I came upon Lolit Solis instagram post that just seemed so off considering one of her talents Christopher de Leon was involved in another negligent incident when he was doing Kambal Karibal. Of all people to sound almost so lackadaisical bugged me so I posted a comment. By the way, when Marian Rivera was doing DARNA, her sidekick Buboy got stung by a bee, on his ear if I remember it right. It was Marian who took action and rushed the kid to the hospital and guess why she had to do that herself? YEAH! Just another proof that what happened to Tito Eddie under GMA Network is not an isolated case.

Today, after the announcement of Mr. Garcia’s passing I couldn’t help but reiterate my initial call for demands and changes in the industry. We can try to turn things upside down and pretend there isn’t a huge liability from the part of GMA 7(there is) but we can’t deny that something is obviously wrong and that changes are needed.

What I need to point out here is that this isn’t about a KILIG factor that a celebrity like Dingdong Dantes LIKED my tweet. I am sharing this because it showed me that someone is LISTENING and perhaps agrees with me. The first step into starting any kind of discourse whatever the change we demand after all is for someone to LISTEN. Therefore, Thank You Dingdong Dantes for listening. Thank you for recognizing my opinion on the matter. For making me feel that I’m not just blabbering like an idiot on twitter for pageviews. Thank you for validating my thoughts as a showbiz blogger who actually cares about you, your fellow artists, and the industry itself. Whether there’s a discussion within about implementation of things mentioned in the tweet-thread or not, at least YOU listened. Again, thank you and hopefully someone else was listening too. As unfortunate as it is, may the recent events be the catalyst for the much-needed change and progress in the industry.

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