Korina Sanchez And Karen Davila On The Cover Of MEGA For The Power Issue

It’s no secret that women are pitted against each other time and again. Perhaps it’s because people have been led to believe the idea that only a few women can secure a seat at the proverbial table of success, power, and influence.

To celebrate International Women’s Month, MEGA challenges that narrative by encouraging women to lift each other up. Gracing our March cover are powerhouses of Philippine journalism, #KorinaSanchez (@korina) and #KarenDavila (@iamkarendavila)—two acclaimed broadcasters who show us that when women work together, we all climb together. (@mega_magazine)

The relationship among women has been, for centuries, fodder for gossipmongers. In the voyeuristic nature of humanity, it is the women who had to bear the brunt of this unfortunate detail. Not anymore, or at least, not so much anymore. In modern society, women stand beside each other, conquering outdated concepts, sexist notions, inequality, and discrimination. Anyone who thinks otherwise lives in the past. In this modern society, women fight for women.

KORINA: I can’t relate. I never pit women against other women. I hardly engaged in, otherwise, maybe somewhat enjoyable but useless, gossip—because I was just enslaved by my drive in my work. When I hear of such stories, I listen and understand, maybe chuckle for a second and disengage.

KAREN: At work, historically, the main anchors for news were men. So, the opportunities of anchoring for women, I wouldn’t say were limited, but you could count them. There would only be two major newscast, one primetime, and you’d probably have one woman each, or two women in each. I would have to say it was unfortunate that that happened, but in the end, it builds you also as women. You become sharper, better. You know, threatening women is so old-school. It’s not commonly done to men. (READ FULL STORY AT MEGA)

(SOURCE: @mega_magazine, https://mega.onemega.com/)

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