Jane De Leon & Janella Salvador: “The Unexpected Love Team” For MEGA Entertainment Feature

#JaneDeLeon and #JanellaSalvador are fixing each other’s crowns, giving us a duo we didn’t expect.

JaneNella shares that they are perfectly comfortable with how the public labels their tandem. For the two, the idea of their characters becoming onscreen partners represents a new generation where people are more open and women aren’t pitted against each other—even in a hero versus villain narrative. (@megaentph)

Since they filmed Darna, this generation’s series adaptation of the Philippine superheroine, Jane and Janella have been sharing how they get tagged on their social media accounts day in and out, as legions of fans express how they noticed their chemistry on camera. These fans then coined the moniker for their “love team,” JaneNella/Darlentina. It’s a bit reminiscent of how fictional character Wednesday Addams is being shipped to BFF Enid Sinclair in the series Wednesday, despite them having their own love interests.

“We were joking about it lang before and people started shipping,” Janella shares. “They can look at it in a platonic way or not. Whether friends or not, we are happy, we are comfortable about what they label our tandem.” Jane adds, “JaneNella also represents a new generation, where people are more open.”

JaneNella are owning up to this tandem they birthed on Philippine television. Janella says, “This is the first Darna for this generation na Darna and Valentina don’t have to be enemies all the time. They can help each other din, and as women, we can help each other din.” Jane chimes in: “They usually make girls compete, but it is different and nagsa-start sa amin ni Janella.” (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

(SOURCE: @megaentph, https://mega.onemega.com/)

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