Spring Birthday Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

It can seem like kids change with each decade. But most of the time, they are pretty much always into the same things. So if you are stuck for some spring gift ideas for teenage girls this season, here are some of the best-trending things you can consider buying.

A New Type of Fragrance
Fragrances are a classic and timeless gift that never goes out of fashion. And if your teen girl is like any other, they want the things that are trendy. Fortunately, there is no end to the places where you can buy perfumes. You can shop here at The Iconic for the best ones around. It’s often a safe bet to go with what you know they like. But being spring and their birthday, why not consider something a little different, For example, a fragrance with floral and natural scents.

Stay Warm Gift Ideas for Teen Girls
Spring is typically warmer than winter. But not by much in some places. Some states, like North Dakota, experience harsh weather and fluctuating temperatures. And teen girls can often appear to be more sensitive to this. As any parent that has to pay the heating bills can attest.

Luckily, there are many stay-warm gifts for teenage girls you can choose from. These include things like microwavable boots, USB cup warmers, and of course, fuzzy slippers.

Remote Controlled Color-Changing LEDs
It isn’t known exactly when this started, but teenage girls love lights. Anything that lights up will light them up. Fortunately, most lighting devices are LED these days, meaning they use around 70% less energy than traditional lighting. And being so small, you can find them in everything these days, with remote control color-changing diodes. Some popular and trending items include Himalayan salt lamps, stylized lamps, and of course, miles of string lighting.

Stuff for Their PC, Laptop or Mobile Device
Like most people, teens are glued to their laptops, phones, and tablets. Yet because they love these so much, it’s easy to find gifts for them. These include useful items such as the following:

  • Things they can plug into it like a mini cooling fan or lamp.
  • Cute decorated mice and keyboards, or color-matching ones.
  • A laptop tray or tablet cushion for holding devices while moving around.
  • Anything that uses Bluetooth, like a wireless shower speaker.
  • Phone holders, mics, and lamps for when they are streaming or recording.
  • A durable bag so they can carry their mobile device around the school.
  • Security items like webcam privacy covers and laptop bag locks.

These are all easy to find. But the other great thing about them is that they will be used, are guaranteed to put a smile on a birthday face, and are relatively cheap to buy everywhere.

Scented Candles and Essential Oils
Like LED lighting, girls’ (and boys’) bedrooms all over the world are adorned with scented candles and essential oil items. Brands like Yankee and Jo Malone are hugely popular and so make excellent gifts. Yet they are pricey. However, you can find all kinds of seasonal spring-scented candles at much lower prices. Just be aware that not all candles and essential oils (including diffusers) are made equally, and some are dangerous. So read the reviews first.

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls Includes Charms
Charm bracelets are massively popular these days. And some are highly collectible to the point of it being almost a game and a social status thing to own certain ones. You can find all kinds of charms that most teen girls will love. But some of the better-known brands are prized. Pandora is the main brand that most girls go for. They have collections available only from them, made according to the highest quality. Their stylish and unique Disney collection is a good example.

Personalized Everyday Items
Things like charms make great gifts. But what makes them even more special is the customized personal ones. Gift personalization is a massive subject these days and is growing in popularity in a large industry. The reason behind this is that people feel more connected to something that is unique to them. Therefore, they appreciate the gift much more. Some of the best trending personalized gifts include bedroom decor items, jewelry gifts, and teen girl pamper boxes.

It can be hard to find gift ideas for teen girls that they won’t immediately secretly return when you aren’t looking. But there are some things they are almost guaranteed to love. These include trending fragrances, stuff for their mobile devices, and custom everyday items like pendants.

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